Making Career Resolutions? Some Suggestions for You

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Do you make resolutions for the new year?

Or have you made them at other times of the year, only to find that you fail to follow through?

Most people struggle with choosing the correct resolutions and then following through on them.

So in this year's resolutions article, I wanted to help you in two ways: first in setting realistic goals and second by bringing you some of the best articles on the web on the topic of resolutions.

Given those resources, you will stand a better chance of enjoying the success of sticking with your resolution and seeing it come to fruition.

  • Choose reasonable goals  If you want to lose weight, do not set a goal of losing fifty pounds, instead start with ten pounds.  In doing so, you are more likely to feel positive about your progress, rather than discouraged by not achieving your goal.  Use this approach in your career goals, too.  Have realistic expectations.
  • Choose a specific time frame  Going back to the weight loss analogy, it is better to have a goal of " I want to lose ten pounds by April 15" than to set a goal with no specific deadline.  Even if you do not achieve the desired outcome by the deadline, you will have a better idea of what a realistic target and time frame are for your next attempt.
  • Keep track daily  The best way to reach the goal is to keep track daily.  For example if your goal is to spend ten minutes a day on LinkedIn, keep track daily (in Excel spreadsheet prominently on my desktop is my preference).  You will soon realize if the goal you set is realistic and achievable.

    As for the other articles I found in researching this story that will inspire you in your quest for good resolutions (any time of year):

    • Inc. has a great list that may inspire you in your quest to pick a great career related resolution in 7 New Year's Resolutions for Career Success in 2016.  The idea of cleaning out your email in box is daunting, but might be a freeing accomplishment.
    • Forbes is one of my go to sites for business coverage.  Their list of suggested resolutions may spur your thinking - but be careful to pick specific time frame, as some of their suggestions are quite broad.
    • The consulting firm The Azara Group offers 4 Easy New Year’s Job Resolutions to Keep which is a good read with details on the benefits you can expect if you are successful in keeping each resolution.
    • Finally, my last attempt to motivate you to set up career-oriented New Year's Resolutions (or at other times of year) is a nice complement to the advice above.

    Hopefully these suggestions help you on your way to a wonderful new year.

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