Make Your Business Card Stand Out

5 Ways To Make Your Business Card Impossible To Ignore

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Despite the emergence of apps and digital signatures, physical business cards will always be popular. They are an easy way to exchange information quickly, they can be left behind, and they are easy to carry in a purse or wallet.

Many people believe that business cards are simply a way to divulge your business information in a portable format. But that is ignoring the real power of the business card, if used correctly.

Think of your business card as a small but powerful ad for your agency. What does it say about you? What is it doing to make your company memorable? Is it working as hard as it could? Here are 5 ways to improve your business card design, ensuring that it makes you impossible to forget.

  1. Think Beyond Paper and Card
    All too often, business cards are printed on standard card stock or thick paper. Yes, it’s economical, but if you have the money you should consider investing in other options. Printers can work with almost any material, so consider them carefully.
    Use x-ray film if you’re in medical advertising. Use wood if you specialize in outdoor advertising. If you really want to go out there, how about a plastic card filled with water, or red ink? Perhaps something that uses heat-reactive paper would enhance the experience. If you are stuck with paper or card, can you use creative embossing to make a statement?
    Remember, this may be the only chance you get to break through the clutter and get someone to call you back or send you an email, so think carefully about the stock you use.
  1. Interactivity Is a Great Tool
    A business card does not have to be just a printed piece of card, front and back. It can include all sorts of additional features that say a lot about your business. You can start simply, like this very smart idea for a divorce lawyer. You can make your card become something else, like a chair or a piano. You can even make your business card something that people can play with.
    For instance, how about a puzzle for people to solve? Or, maybe you have three or four different cards that, when combined, create a different image or a unique story. Think about something that could keep your clients entertained for longer than a few seconds.
  1. Use Die Cuts To Your Advantage
    Who says a business card has to be a rectangle? Yes, they fit nicely into a wallet, but so do all the others that people hand out. Why would you want to fit in, when you can stand out?
    Start by thinking about the business your agency is in. Do you do cutting edge work? Then maybe your business card could be printed on metal, cut into the shape of a razor blade. If you are involved in the music or entertainment industry, think about using die cuts that resemble musical instruments, or cameras. Almost any shape can be recreated, and as long as you have room to put your information down, you can use the space to your advantage.
  2. New Technology Can Really Impress
    Did you know that business cards can now incorporate a USB? Companies like Flashbay specialize in business cards that can hold a large amount of data. Why not create a special presentation, including video and audio, that you load onto your business card. When you want to advertise your agency, simply hand over the card and let it do the work for you. All you have to say is “plug this in.”
  3. Finally…Think About The Folds
    Many people get stuck with the idea that a business card is something flat, that remains flat. Again, this is thinking myopically. A multitude of folds can be incorporated into the design to give your card some real buzz. Be incorporating special folds or creases, your card can come to life in 3D, becoming a throwing star, a paper plane, a box or cube, a Christmas tree, or a model car!
    When it comes to business cards, you really are wasting a golden opportunity of you simply using a small piece of card with a logo on the front, and contact details on the back. This is a valuable acquisition tool; don’t ignore it.