Try eBay Valet for Selling Valuable Items With No Hassle

eBay Valet
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eBay Valet is a service offered by eBay that connects people with eBay sellers in their local geographic area. The program was designed to help non-sellers reap the benefits of eBay without having to struggle through the learning curve or start selling on eBay from scratch. eBay Valet is a variation of  a consignment type arrangement. Here are the nuts and bolts of how eBay Valet works.

What Can You Sell Through eBay Valet?

This program is designed for higher end items.

In the whole scheme of things, eBay is looking to assist non-sellers with more expensive items because higher dollar items are more cost effective to work with and result in more revenue for both eBay and the seller. Items should have an eBay market value (which is different from other market values) of at least $40 to be accepted. The types of items eBay will accept through eBay Valet include:

  • Electronics such as smart phones, computer laptops and tablets, and video game consoles
  • Designer fashion including new or like-new clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags
  • Collectibles including action figures, car models, LEGO, dolls
  • High-end kitchen countertop appliances such as Vitamix, juicers, stand mixers
  • Sporting goods such as golf clubs, camping gear, and equestrian items
  • Musical instruments 

Unfortunately, eBay Valet does not accept most common household items. The list of what they do not accept is quite long.

Here is the condensed version:

  • Anything worth less than $25
  • Any clothing, shoes, or accessories that are not designer
  • Very high value items that require authentication (jewelry, art, watches, autographed items)
  • Breakable items (glassware, china, crystal, ceramic items, anything fragile)
  • Any type of media (CDs, DVDs, magazines, and books)

If you have items to sell that are not accepted by eBay Valet, find an eBay seller near you to sell those items for you on consignment. 

Sending Items in to eBay Valet

If your product meets the requirements of an accepted item, the next step is to mail the item to eBay. Simply print off a postage paid label that eBay will email to you. Print out the label and affix it to the box. FedEx and eBay have partnered so that you can also take your items to a FedEx Office location and the item will be properly packaged and shipped to eBay Valet. If the item does not sell, eBay returns the item to you at no cost.

Getting Paid

Once items are received at eBay Valet, they will be listed within 10 days, but sometimes it takes longer if there is a backlog, such as during the holiday season. This is a bit of a wait, so it is wise to explore faster options such as a local eBay consignment seller. Items are up for sale for 60 days. Payment is fast and easy. When an item sells, eBay Valet sends a Paypal payment within 2 days. All payments are made through Paypal, there are no other payment options like a mailed check or bank transfer. If items don't sell within 60 days, the products will be returned to you at no charge.

eBay Valet Fees

Now for the painful part.

eBay Valet operates on a sliding scale. The fees are based on the sale price of the item. The fees are as follows:

  • Items $500 or more 20%
  • Items $250 - $499 30%
  • Items $100 - $249 40%
  • Items $50 - $99 - 50%
  • Items $25 - $49 - 60%

Other Important Info

All items must be in new, like new, or excellent condition. While eBay is a place where damaged, incomplete, or defective items can sell for a variety of reasons, eBay Valet focuses on the cream of the crop products. They are seeking high-end, designer, and expensive items in outstanding condition.

Becoming an eBay Valet

According to

"To become a valet, they are carefully screened for inclusion in the program. Requirements include, but are not limited to: (1) ability to list 100,000 listings each month, (2) storage capacity sufficient to hold and manage items received for at least 21 calendar days, (3) ability to list items across all eBay categories, and (4) physical presence in all major metropolitan hubs in the U.S. and (5) demonstrated ability to consistently deliver the highest standards of buyer experience to eBay shoppers."