Magic Pen Time Waster Game

Screenshot of the free online game Magic Pen
Magic Pen.

Magic Pen is a terrifically fun but challenging time waster where the goal is to get the red ball to touch all the red flags on a level. To accomplish this, you're equipped with a crayon, eraser, pins, and hinges.

You'll be using the tools to draw a landscape that will get the red ball to the red flags but keep in mind that the levels get increasingly more difficult as you play the game.

How Much Time You Can Waste With Magic Pen:

There are 26 levels in Magic Pen. You'll fly through the first 10 levels but after that some of them can take quite a bit of time and brain power to get through.

I estimate that you'll be able to waste 1-3 hours on this time waster.

How To Play Magic Pen:

Visit Magic Pen and start with levels 1 and 2 if you're looking for a good tutorial on how to play.

You can use the crayon to make shapes and an eraser to correct any mistakes or create new shapes. The pins and hinges can be used to create swinging or stationary objects that can help get your ball where you want it to go. You'll be working against gravity so keep that in mind when you draw your shapes.

Try to use as few shapes as possible to get the red ball to touch all the flags. In the first few levels you'll only see one flag but more flags will be added as the levels get more difficult.

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What I Think About Magic Pen:

I loved the challenge of Magic Pen. I found the hinges and pins a little tough to use at first but after I got comfortable with them they really helped my game play. This is a challenging game that while at times frustrating, is a lot of fun to play.