Magdeleine Review

A Full Review of Magdeleine, a Website for Free Stock Photos

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Magdeleine is a website that offers free stock photos in two main categories: Public Domain and Attribution Required. Pictures can be sectioned off in other ways too, such as by color, tag, or category.

The website has a really nice, clean interface and adds a new photo to its collection every day.

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  • No sign in or registration required
  • Updates daily
  • Has images in the public domain
  • Many different ways to find photos


  • Not a huge selection of stock photos

How You Can Use Photos From Magdeleine

The images you find with the Public Domain license can be used for any reason whatsoever, while the Attribution Required pictures require you to give credit to the creator.

If you're not browsing images by license, and instead by category, tag, color, etc., notice the small icon(s) at the top right of the image. If you see an image with a (CC) icon, that means it requires attribution. You can hover your mouse over that icon for details. All other pictures you run across at Magdeleine can be used for whatever you want, without giving credit.

More About Magdeleine

  • The new photo that's added every day is displayed on the homepage so it's easy to see what's new the moment you visit Magdeleine
  • Pictures can be found in many different ways: categories, dominant colors, tags, color palette, search, camera, and places
  • A few of Magdeleine's categories include Objects, Food, Animals, People, Nature, and Abstract
  • Keyboard shortcuts are accepted so you can download (D), love (L), or browse through the images with the arrow keys
  • Some of the more popular photo tags are #LANDSCAPES, #SKY, #CLOUDS, and #WHITE
  • Once you've selected a photo, you can see a list of colors that are contained within it, and use the "Palette" section of the page to find images that closely match those same colors
  • Social sharing buttons are available on every download page so you can send the picture over Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Pocket
  • Some photos contain the camera used, resolution, and location where the picture was taken. You can browse for other images with those same details by clicking those links alongside the download page
  • On every download page, there's a small section of "Most Loved Photos" that will show you what other visitors like
  • You can customize the appearance of the site by toggling between a light and dark theme by selecting the Lights link at the top right of the Magdeleine website

My Thoughts on Magdeleine

I think it's great that you don't need to create a user account to download photos from Magdeleine. This greatly speeds up the process of using the free stock photos. With that being said, many of them are in the public domain, and the others simply require attribution, which makes it a nice and simple method of downloading free stock photos.

However, there aren't a ton of pictures here like some other similar websites have. Some have thousands upon thousands of photos, but you'll find that some of Magdeleine's categories have very small selections.

If you don't like visiting Magdeleine every single day to see the new images, I suggest subscribing to their RSS feed.

It provides a preview of the picture as well as a direct link to its download page.

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