Installation Overview: Los Angeles Air Force Base, California

Los Angeles, Air Force Base is headquarters to the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), part of Air Force Space Command. The Space and Missile Systems Center is responsible for research, development, acquisition, on-orbit testing and sustainment of military space and missile systems. In addition to managing Air Force space and missile programs, SMC participates in space programs conducted by other U.S. military services, government agencies, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies.

LA AFB is the only active duty installation in Los Angeles County, California. It is located just south of Los Angeles International Airport and less than a mile west of the San Diego Freeway (I-405) in the city of El Segundo.

LA AFB has its beginnings with the Air Research and Development Command's Western Development Division, which was activated July 1, 1954, in Inglewood, not far from our current location of the LA AFB. The base in El Segundo, which has no flight line, houses the main installation. Fort MacArthur, which is located 20 miles south of the main base, is actually part of Los Angeles Air Force Base.

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Location/Driving Directions

Directions to Los Angeles AFB from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

From LAX, take Sepulveda Blvd. south. Turn left at El Segundo Blvd. and left again at Douglas Street. The entrance to Los Angeles AFB will be on your right.

Shuttle Service to Los Angeles AFB from LAX Shuttle service between LAAFB and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is operated by Aerospace Corporation and runs every 20 minutes from 5:40am until 4:00pm. The shuttle travels from the Aerospace Corporation to LAX and back. From 4:00pm until 10:00pm, call the Shuttle Service at 310-336-4000 or 310-363-2195 from the baggage claim area at your airport terminal. The shuttle uses the inside transportation circle LAX.

To reach the base if driving from I-405, take the El Segundo Blvd. exit and go west on El Segundo Blvd. Continue west and turn right on Douglas Street. The Base entrance will be on your right.

Main Phone Numbers

TELEPHONE ACCESS: (562) 363-1110; DSN 833-1110

Child Development Center: (310) 653-6800

Community Center: (310) 653-8225

Fitness Center: (310) 653-6771

Lodging: (310) 653-8249

Outdoor Recreation: (310) 653-6852

Youth Center: (310) 653-8383

Tierra Vista Communities (310) 241-6184

Family Support Center (310) 653-5428

Population/Major Units Assigned

Los Angeles AFB Honor Guard post the colors during the national anthem at the beginning of a Dodger game. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; Photo by Stephen Schester
LAAFB is home of the 61st Air Base Wing and is headquarters to the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), part of Air Force Space Command. Other tenant units include AFOSI Detachment 110 and the 369th Recruiting Squadron. In addition to persons assigned to SMC and the 61st Air Base Wing, LA AFB serves all Air Force personnel in the Greater Los Angeles area. It also serves Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard personnel who are stationed in this area.

Temporary Lodging

LAAFB temporary lodging facility. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The temporary lodging facility for LAAFB is through Fort MacArthur Inn. Fort MacArthur Inn is located in San Pedro which is 20 miles south of Los Angeles Air Force Base. Reservations for Transient Quarters (TQ) can be made any time for personnel traveling on official government orders. The commercial toll free phone number is (888) AF-LODGE, the installation code is LOS or 567. Reservations can be made for a 72 hour period if space is available. Requests for space available guests can also be made for guests traveling on leave. The individual's sponsor can also make reservations/requests by phone.

Pets are only allowed in two "pet friendly" quarters and not in any other transient facilities. A pet cleaning fee of $150 will be assessed to guests who violate the pet policy. Fort MacArthur Inn is smoke-free. This includes all guest rooms and common areas. Guests who violate this policy may be charged up to a $150 cleaning fee based on expenses incurred to return the room to available inventory for violating the no-smoking policy.

Lodging/Rates at this time are:
Visiting Quarters (VQ) Room Rate $39.00 per night
Large Distinguished Visiting Quarters $53.25 per night
Distinguishing Visiting Quarters - $48.25 per night
TLF 1-bedroom $41.50 per night
TLF 2-bedroom $52.00 per night
TLF 3-bedroom $52.00 per night
There is an additional charge of $10 per night in pet quarters if you have a pet.

Families PCSing to LAAFB will be assigned to the Temporary Living Facility (TLF). These units can accommodate a family of five. Inbound and outbound PCSing personnel have priority and may stay up to 30 days. These units can also be used by active duty on leave, retirees or TDY personnel on a space-available basis. These quarters have kitchen facilities, a bedroom, and a private bath.

When all base quarters are occupied or reserved, the Lodging Office will provide commercial contract lodging.


on base housing. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

In March 2007, the U.S. Air Force selected Actus Lend Lease as its partner to develop, build, renovate, finance and maintain 1,466 homes in Tierra Vista Communities. The new community includes Schriever, Peterson and Los Angeles Air Force Bases, all part of Air Force Space Command.

The Housing Office is located in Building 56 in Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, CA. Our staff is available and eager to assist you upon your arrival to the Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB) area.

Tierra Vista Communities at Los Angeles Air Force Base has several neighborhoods for residents to choose from with a variety of living accommodations to suit any family size. As part of the privatization project at LAAFB, a major revitalization of historic Fort Mac Arthur homes will be completed. Enhancements include interior finishing upgrades and the addition of a new pathway system and playground facilities, all geared towards embracing the southern California lifestyle.

Tierra Vista Communities at Los Angeles AF can be contacted at: 31 Patton Quadrangle, San Pedro, or by phone at (310) 241-6184.

Child Care

Children from the Los Angeles Air Force Base Child Development Center sing the National Anthem. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; Photo by Atiba S. Copeland

The Los Angeles AFB Child Development Center (CDC) is accredited through the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs and is for children of military members and DoD civilians. Children ages 6 months through 5 years (if they are not in kindergarten) are served. When demand exceeds space available, a waiting list is maintained and referrals are made to licensed family child care homes.

Children can be accommodated for "one day at a time" care if there is a slot open that particular day, but no reservation can be made ahead of time. These slots come about when a full time child does not attend on a particular day. The drop in care would be charged hourly. Up-to-date immunization records are required, even for this drop-in care.

To apply for child care before your arrival at Los Angeles AFB, complete AF Form 2606 and mail it to 61 ABW/SVY, 483 N. Aviation Blvd., El Segundo CA 90245, or fax the application to 310-653-6210. Forms can be submitted when mothers are at least six months pregnant.

A current immunization record and birth certificate or proof of military or DoD dependency is required to enter the program.

Fees are based on total family income. Families will be asked to provide their most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and/or pay stub. In accordance with federal guidelines, BAH or in-kind equivalent is added together with earnings to determine the fee category. Fee schedules are based on DoD regulations.

The Family Child Care Program offers home-based child care in licensed homes for children ages two weeks through twelve years. These self-employed providers operate their home independently in compliance with strict Air Force policies and include full time, part time, hourly, weekends, extended hours and school age care.

A list of family child care providers residing in military family housing at Fort MacArthur is available at the Child Development Center, Youth Center, Airman & Family Readiness Center, and published in LA Wave (Service's newsletter which is published monthly).


The annual Education Fair, sponsored by the Education Office give attendees the opportunity to meet representatives from various schools including on-base campus and online education. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; Photo by Stephen Schester

Los Angeles AFB does not have its own K-12 schools. Students attend local schools based on where they live.

There are 81 public school districts in Los Angeles County. Districts are organized in three ways: unified (grades K-12); elementary (grades K-8); and high school (grades 9-12). Children living in base housing, which is located in San Pedro, attend White Point Elementary School (if the family lives at Fort MacArthur), Point Fermin Elementary School (if the family lives in the Crest or the Heights), Dana Middle School and San Pedro High School -- all part of Los Angeles Unifed School District . There are also many charter and private schools.

Los Angeles Unified schools in San Pedro and most schools in the area begin classes in September after Labor Day and dismiss mid to late June. Most high schools offer a variety of college preparatory and advanced courses in English, Math, History or the Arts. Some districts have dress codes or uniforms.

California law provides for an interdistrict transfer of pupils from the school district in which they reside to the school district where the parent or guardian is employed. Some districts also grant transfers based upon the student's before-and after- school child care arrangements.

Personnel attached to Los Angeles AFB may request interdistrict transfers for their children to attend the El Segundo Unified School District or Wiseburn School District . Requests are considered on a space available basis, and no request is guaranteed. All transfer requests should be coordinated through the Airman & Family Readiness Center. Call 310-653-5428 for more information.

Some parents wish to use distance education resources to school their children at home. Requesting parents need to file an R-4 affidavit in October. This is a notice of operation of a home school, not an application for approval. To request an affidavit, call the CA Department of Education at 916-319-0839.

Medical Care

LAAFB clinic. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force
Medical care for Los Angeles AFB members is provided by the 61st Medical Group (Building 210). A satellite clinic is located at the Fort MacArthur military housing area. Emergency medical care is not available at either clinic. For life threatening injuries or illnesses, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room. After hours care: To obtain authorization for non-emergency care or for out of area care, call TRIWEST at 1-888-874-9378.

The LAAFB clinic is open on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. All patients are seen by appointment only. For appointments or information, call (310) 653-2873. You can also log onto TRICARE online to make appointments. The clinic's closed on the first Thursday of every month for training.