Writing Jobs NYC and Beyond: 8 Places to Find Local Freelance Writing Jobs

Looking for writing jobs in NYC or your local city? Although it's true that one of the benefits of freelancing writing is its location-independent situation, sometimes you want to keep the clients local. This is especially true of those who prefer to work on short-term projects within their client's offices. 

The following list of 8 freelance writing jobs websites are places that advertise jobs within a city or region. Although these jobs are generally office-based, some of them may still be offered on a freelance basis, and located within your home office. These kinds of requirements vary project-by-project and job-by-job, so be careful in reading the descriptions of jobs posts, and be sure you know what, exactly, you're signing up for. 


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Craigslist is a nationwide classified ad service. First find your city, and then find the help wanted section. Since CL is sorted by location, this is one of the best ways to keep your job search local. However, be wary of Craigslist posting--they can be low-quality. In fact, there is some evidence here that freelance writers may want to skip Craigslist altogether. More

Media Job Market

A fair amount of jobs nationwide, and searchable by city or location. Of course, as the title implies, these listing are generally limited to media-specific jobs, so don't expect to find too many content mills or editorial positions on this particular site.

Gawker Jobs

Gawker's new media job list mainly consists of full time positions in NYC, so those in the Big Apple and on the eastern seaboard are likely to find something! However, the rest of the nation may want to skip this particular listing.  More


Mediabistro keeps a great list that covers both local and telecommute, but it definitely leans toward the office-based positions. This is one of the better and more-oft updated lists out there. Be sure to check out the rest of Mediabistro's offerings while you're on the website; they offer classes, articles and more. More

Write Jobs

Write jobs is a good place to look for either telecommute or local clients. I'm not a fan of their design, but I have to include the listing, as I've found some real freelance writing gems in this list.  More

Freelance Writing Jobs (Often Shortened to FWJ)

FWJ sometimes includes office-based positions for those looking for writing jobs in NYC or other specific areas. One of the best parts of this site is that it is very well updated.  More

Morning Coffee

When Morning Coffee comes to your inbox, your next position is just a click away. Convenient, but don't let the daily email distract you from your current clients!  More


Sologig advertises itself as a place to find freelancers and contractors. The clean look and interface make it a pleasant visit for the jobseeker. More

Writing Jobs in NYC or Your City Are Easy to Find

For those who are looking for location-specific jobs, this list should be a great place to get started. I hope you've found a new favorite site, and good luck in your job search!