List of Top Websites for Crowdfunding Food

February 3, 2015

Crowdfunding sites work really well when they tap into a deep connection people have with things or experiences. Food is a perfect example of a category that triggers deep feelings in people, making it a very powerful category for crowdfunding. 

The following are the top crowdfunding sites that play into our human love of food and the culinary experience. Here's a link to a list of the best crowdfunding sites for restaurants and bars.

Barnraiser: Powering the food movement one project at a time

Barnraiser: crowdfunding the food movement

Barnraiser is very clear and focused about its goals: to put a billion dollars into the hands of food innovators as they reshape a healthy food world. The food crowdfunding site lists lots of projects focused on growing produce and raising livestock in an ethical, healthy way.

"Crowdfunding is rapidly changing the way we drive innovation, personal aspirations, new products, and social change. No group is more deserving than those on the front lines of the food movement, leading us toward health and sustainability. Barnraiser is a place to meet and back the thousands of food and farming innovators and put better food on our collective table. When one farmer gets a new barn, the whole community gets better food. It's all up to us." 


Credibles: Love local food, open a prepaid tab

Credibles: crowdfunding food

Crowdfunding for food doesn't only have to focus on technology or the people growing it. Credbiles offers a great way to support local businesses in the food business.

How can you get started? Credibles is much like a new version of a gift card for your favorite local eatery or food shop. Local businesses incentivize their supporters to pre-pay for food by offering them a little extra (typically, 10%) more for their money. More

Foodstart: Helping restaurants, food trucks, and cafes owners raise capital

Foodstart: Raise capital for a food truck

 If you wanted to start up a really cool food truck business, where would you turn? Sure, you'd hit up your friends and family first, but why not head over to Foodstart. It's a crowdfunding site dedicated to helping local food businesses raise money from the community.

Contributing to campaigns on Foodstart can be fun -- here's the type of rewards (see our list of great crowdfunding rewards) you can expect:

"In exchange for their capital, backers receive great perks and rewards like food discounts, free dessert, cool swag, menu items named after them, behind-the-scenes tours - whatever you choose!" More

CircleUp: Crowdfunding consumer goods companies

CircleUp: crowdfunding consumer goods companies

Here's how CircleUp describes the genesis of -- and need for -- their form of crowdfunding:

For years, we saw passionate consumer entrepreneurs struggle to find the support they need to grow their brand—to hire more employees, produce more product, and share their dream with more consumers. Consumer companies were often forced to reach out to friends and family—a long and often awkward process. At the same time, we saw investors that were passionate about these innovative consumer product and retail companies, but didn't know how to get in touch with the entrepreneurs. We created CircleUp to make this process more efficient.

CircleUp is an equity crowdfunding platform which means people on the platform actually buy a piece of a business (as opposed to just donating to or pre-buying a product). More


Crowdfunding may be a great financing mechanism for food-related businesses or technologies, to fundraise. But, it's actually a lot more to it. Crowdfunding a projects not only brings in cash for a project, but if done correctly, builds a strong fan base of people willing and able to take a chance to support something they strongly believe in.

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