List of Inverse and Leveraged Commodity ETFs

Short and 2x, 3x Leveraged Commodity Exchange Traded Funds

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There are plenty of commodity ETFs on the market today. That includes broad commodity funds as well as ETFs that track specific commodity assets like energy, metals, and materials.

However, there are some investors who like to implement advanced ETFs trading strategies like the utilization of leveraged and inverse ETFs. So for those traders who want to apply these strategies to the commodity ETF market, here is a list of both leveraged and inverse ETFs for the commodity sector.

I’ve broken out this list by commodity type, both broad and specific. And as new funds come to market or if any funds get delisted, I will update this list, so be sure to check back often. In the meantime, here are the current leveraged and inverse commodity ETFs available…

Leveraged and Inverse Broad Commodity ETFs

  • DDP – Power Shares DB Commodity Short ETN
  • DEE – Power Shares DB Commodity Double Short ETN
  • DYY – Power Shares DB Commodity Double Long ETN

Leveraged and Inverse Broad Agriculture ETFs

  • ADZ – Power Shares DB Agriculture Short ETN
  • AGA - PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Short ETN
  • COWL - Direxion Daily Agribusiness Bull 3x Shares ETF
  • COWS - Direxion Daily Agribusiness Bear 3x Shares ETF
  • DAD – Power Shares DB Agirculture Double Short ETF
  • DAG – Power Shares DB Agriculture Double Long ETN

Leveraged and Inverse Energy ETFs

  • ERX - Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3X Shares ETF
  • ERY - Direxion Daily Energy Bear 3X Shares ETF

    Leveraged and Inverse Oil ETFs

      Leveraged and Inverse Natural Gas ETFs

      • BOIL – Pro Shares Ultra DJ UBS Natural Gas ETF
      • KOLD – Ultra Short DJ UBS Natural Gas ETF
      • DDG - The Short Oil and Gas Pro Shares ETF
      • GASL - Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bull 3X Shares ETF
      • GASX - Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bear 3X Shares ETF

      Leveraged and Inverse Gold ETFs

      Leveraged and Inverse Silver ETFs

      Leveraged and Inverse Platinum ETFs

      • PLT - 2x Long Platinum ETN
      • IPLT - 2x Inverse Platinum ETN

      Leveraged and Inverse Base Industrial Metals ETFs

      • BDD – Power Shares DB Base Metals Double Long ETN
      • BOM – Power Shares DB Base Metals Double Short ETN
      • BOS – Power Shares DB Base Metals Short ETN

      Leveraged and Inverse Materials ETFs

      • MATL - Direxion Daily Basic Materials Bull 3X Shares ETF
      • MATS - Direxion Daily Basic Materials Bear 3X Shares ETF

      As I mentioned above, leveraged and inverse ETF trading is a very advanced strategy, so it is not to be implemented by novices. There are many risks involved, and in general, commodity, leveraged and inverse funds have been under a lot of scrutiny and regulation changes as of late. So before making any trade, make sure to research any or all funds you are considering for your portfolio. Conduct your due diligence and consult your broker, advisor or a financial professional if you have any questions or concerns.

      Disclaimer – at the time of the publication of this article, I do not have any positions in the funds included on this list.