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LinkUp is a job search engine that uncovers hidden jobs from company web sites. LinkUp monitors thousands of small, mid-sized, and large company career sections in order to connect applicants with often unadvertised jobs by listing the jobs on company websites.

LinkUp publishes job openings that are listed on corporate and employer websites from around the country. As a result, the listings are from real companies, there are no duplicates because they are only pulled from a single source, and they are always current.

LinkUp Job Search
Job applicants can search jobs by Job Title, Keywords, Company Name, City, State, or Zip Code. Additionally, users can sort through listings by Category, keywords, job tags, or by Companies with the highest number of available jobs. 

LinkUp Features
LinkUp offers other features to help applicants find jobs through their site including an effective job tracker system, and job clouds, which give suggestions for search terms.

LinkUp also provides job title/description specific searching, as well as the ability to search multiple companies. The "Job Basket” allows users to store their favorite jobs in an easily accessible (web or RSS) format.

Employer Section

LinkUp also has a section geared to Employers looking to maximize their visibility. LinkUp has several options, such as Pay-per-Click ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Mobile connections, Data Services, Webinars and Events for businesses to better advertise themselves.

LinkUp Canada
LinkUp Canada includes job listings throughout Canada that are only found on company and employer websites.

Top Job Search Engines
Other job search engines sites you can use to search all the top job sites, as well as other sites that post job openings.

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