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Supply chain news, articles, blurbs and fun facts from around the world.  I'll update these every so often and if you would like me to add your link, hit me on Twitter

The Xeneta Blog - where they're changing the container freight industry.  Get ocean freight market price movements on demand with an intelligent, simple and user-friendly UI.

Is Star Wars The Greatest Supply Chain Story Ever Told?  Finally, someone addresses the hard supply chain questions.

Storing Hazardous Chemicals - hazmat chemical storage is incredibly complicated.  Here are some guidelines from SolvChem Custom Packaging Division.  

The Only Normal People Are The Ones You Don't Know That Well - 'nuff said.  

3rd Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum - Meet with Expert Serialization and Packaging Professionals from across the United States.

Legacy Supply Chain Services - aims to bring more vets into the supply chain and help solve the labor shortage problem. It's being announced at the WERC industry show in May

The Surety Bond Process - the process and associated costs.  How much does a freight broker license bond cost?  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires freight brokers and freight forwarders to file a surety bond before receiving a license.

Are You An A**Hole?  No?  Well, maybe you should be.

Recession-Proof Your Supply Chain - WSJ article by Bruce Arntzen, the executive director of MIT's Supply Chain Management program.

 Especially important reading when we're NOT in a recession.  

Is Supply Chain Your Company's Competitive Advantage?  If it's not, then it is for your competitors.

What End-to-End Logistics Planning Looks Like & How To Defeat Supply Chain Complexity Like a Jedi - two great supply chain and logistics posts by Quintiq.


Supply Chain's Impact to M&A - the topic yours truly will be speaking about at the November Logistics & Supply Chain Forum in Scottsdale, AZ.  

How To Be A Successful Freight Broker - Lance Surety Bond Associates tackles the question of what it is that makes freight brokers successful. At the heart of one of the most important industries in the U.S. and worldwide, freight brokers are an essential component of the equation between suppliers and carriers.

Factory Fires & Supply Chain Risk - a factory fire at your supplier can shut your supply chain down; how at risk are you?  Amy Clark, News Curator at Elementum SCM, studies this low frequency, high risk scenario.

Star Wars or Star Trek? - An analysis of the supply chains of The Empire and The Federation to answer the question: Which franchise is more awesome?

Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma - which certification is right for you?  This is an excellent infographic that illustrates the similarities and differences between the two, from Simplilearn.  

Which came first - supply chain transparency or the egg?  Great supply chain update by David Weaver.

Solving Late Payments In The Supply Chain - supply chain management and improving timely payments and cash flow.


Enough? - Have we had enough technology?

Supply Chain For Father's Day - Optimized supply chain for Fathers Day means Dad can finally take his nap.

It's Summer! Is Your Supply Chain Ready For The Holidays? - The holiday season begins in May for your supply chain.

The Fashion Supply Chain - People care when they know.  A great and thoughtful supply chain transparency piece by David Weaver.

Is Tom Brady Really Batman - or The Joker? - And what does this have to do with Supply Chain?

Can Optimized Supply Chain Replace Jon Stewart and Bill Simmons?

Is There Risk In Your Supply Chain? - And what can you do about it?

Did Supply Chain Make The World Better? - Optimized supply chain made the world smaller, but did optimized supply chain make the world better?

Hitches with F-35 logistics won't delay summer launch - Remember when you were working on that $400 billion project, and that software glitch in a logistics system threatened to delay its launch?

  And your customer was the most powerful military in the history of Planet Earth?  Lockheed Martin remembers that day like it was yesterday.  Or, even, this morning. 

Supply Chain Articles by Clifford Lynch at DC Velocity - Whether it's a Subway sandwich or Santa Claus or Galileo, Cliff will get you thinking about serious supply chain questions.

Is There A Supply Chain Generation Gap? - great article in DC Velocity by Clifford Lynch.

Re-Thinking The Global Supply Chain - Are you challenging the status quo and re-thinking your global supply chain?

Game Of Thrones characters in Supply Chain - by Art of Supply Chain.  Have you ever wondered what jobs Game of Thrones characters would do if they were in the Supply Chain?

6 Things You Need to Check to Make Sure Your Supplier's Culture Is a Fit - Qmed's article about cultural audits at your suppliers.

Supply Chain Transparency and Using Real-Time Date in Supply Chain - supply chain's impact on consumer behavior and integrating real-time data into your supply chain to reduce risk and ensure compliance.  Lessons from the food industry.

Supply Chain Lessons from "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - shameless self-promotion.  A link to one of my own articles, but a fun one, at least. 

RPA Reusable Packaging Forum - The Reusable Packaging Association hosts an interactive forum for supply chain professionals to collaborate and study the challenges of reusables and increase their ROI. The Reusable Packaging Forum will be April 28-29 in Chicago. Early bird pricing ends April 15.

Ask The Expert - The Inventory and Supply Chain Blog's Expert Interview.  Guess who their first subject is? 

FAQ about APICS CSCP Exam - by Alex Fuller, the Supply Chain Cowboy. 

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Annual Conference - Sept 2015, San Diego, California.  Join Howard Schulz of Starbucks, Dave Clark of Amazon and the world's leading supply chain pro's. 

Weekly Supply Chain Wrap Up - again, Karolina Maziliauskaite delivers.  Antibiotic free McNuggets, 3D printed airplanes and more. 

American Giant Hoodie - Supply Chain Fail or Supply Chain Victory?  You decide.

Supply Chain on Social Media - Supply Chain meets Social Media in one article. 

The Social Web Weaver - If you're not following David Weaver and his supply chain and social media blogging, start. 

Supply Chain Disasters - a video gallery from Industry Week.

Weekly Supply Chain Wrap Up - thanks Karolina Maziliauskaite for the weekly update!

Enterprise software spend to reach $620B in 2015 - ZDNet quotes Forrester data. 

Visual Supply Chain - improve processes and maximize efficiency, by RMG Networks.

10 Tricks To Appear Smarter During Meetings - Useful article; find other tips to conquer Corporate America.

Blog by Supply Chain Management Review's Executive Editor - including this interesting post about bribery remaining a global supply chain concern. 

The Last Emerging Market - Economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa.

Inventory And Supply Chain Optimization - One of my favorite supply chain blogs.  Updated often, topical subjects and a relate-able style. 

Global Private Label Supply Chain Transparency - the impact of supply chain transparency in food manufacturing.

Supply Chain Predicts the Super Bowl Outcome - Using supply chain metrics to predict the NFL champs.-