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LinkedIn has a tool which users can use to access employment information for alumni from their college(s) or from any of the institutions that they may be considering for undergraduate or graduate study.

Alumni Information Available on LinkedIn

Prospective college students can identify the careers of graduates from schools they are considering, including the top employers of alumni. Handy graphs enable users who are evaluating various colleges for admission to gain a quick summary of the most common majors and careers pursued by students and graduates of their target schools.

Current students or graduates can generate lists of alumni by employer, job function, major, location and skill sets. A nice feature of the tool is the ability to narrow lists by graduation year to yield a snapshot of very recent graduates or more seasoned alumni.

How to Access Alumni on LinkedIn

You'll need to be logged into LinkedIn to use the Alumni Search Tool. Visit to see alumni from your school(s). Then explore your own school or any other schools by clicking on the Change school button.

More Alumni Information

Many colleges have created their own databases of volunteer career mentors and online communities which are free to use. These alumni have all volunteered to assist students and other alumni, so they will be available and willing to help.

Students and graduates should reach out to their career and alumni offices to explore ways that networking is being utilized by their school to facilitate interaction with alumni.

In addition to online networking, you may also be able to participate in in-person networking events both on and off-campus.

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