Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Review

A dog-friendly company with breezy claims filing but questionable service

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Liberty Mutual logo

Liberty Mutual logo

Liberty Mutual has over a century of experience, and has grown to be the fourth-largest homeowners insurance agency by number of direct premiums written and market share. While Liberty Mutual underwrites its own insurance, it uses different subsidiaries, depending on location. This shouldn’t affect the quality of service you receive, and your policies are still backed by Liberty Mutual’s excellent financial strength. Our Liberty Mutual review shows that the company provides well-rounded home insurance policies with opportunities to upgrade, add coverage, or score discounts. But it doesn’t fare well in terms of customer satisfaction and complaints. 

Liberty Mutual home insurance may not be available in some high-risk locations, such as coastal regions or wildfire-prone areas. See more about this in the Availability section below.

  • Pros and Cons
  • Company Overview
Pros and Cons
  • Claims can be made by video call

  • Inflation protection feature available

  • Large number of claims complaints

  • Low overall customer satisfaction ranking

Company Overview
  • Official Website
  • Insurance Offered Homeowners, vehicle, renters, condo, landlord, and small business
  • Customer Service 24/7 via phone, online, mobile app, email, text, Twitter, Facebook, and postal mail
  • Year Founded 1912

Liberty Mutual Standard Home Insurance Policy

Liberty Mutual’s basic policy is comparable to a standard HO-3 policy in that it comes with personal liability protection and covers your dwelling, other structures like fences and driveway, and all your belongings. Unless you pay extra to have your belongings replaced at cost, Liberty Mutual uses an item’s actual cash value for covered loss reimbursements. 

Every claim also has a deductible. Liberty Mutual gives you a few deductible choices when creating your policy, depending on your location, home rebuilding cost, and other policy selections. You may be asked to choose a deductible ranging from $500 to $2,500, or a deductible equal to 1% of your dwelling coverage.


Liberty Mutual only has one policy for you to build onto, so all endorsements below are available, unless otherwise specified.

  • Hurricane
  • Escape of Water*
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost*
  • Blanket Jewelry
  • Additional Living Expenses/Loss of Rent*
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Inflation Protection
  • Flood Insurance (through FEMA National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP)
  • Umbrella Insurance

*Availability varies by state

Liberty Mutual’s Cost for Standard Policy

The average U.S. home insurance premium in 2018 was $1,249 per year. We found Liberty Mutual’s premiums to range from $87 to $359 per month, or $1,044 to $4,308 per year, depending on how many discounts you’re eligible for. We used a general homeowner profile and a $300,000 home with a $1,000 deductible in Illinois to obtain quotes. You can find more details about this profile in the Methodology section below. 

Your monthly premiums may vary greatly depending on your location, home’s age and condition, home safety devices, and deductible.

Some insurers use credit scores to help determine your premium. Married couples should give both spouses’ information because some companies will take the highest credit score of the two, saving you money. 

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Discounts

Liberty Mutual’s discounts are mostly similar to its competitors', but there are a few standouts. Discounts are available for the following: 


Claims-Free: You may be able to claim this discount if you didn’t file any claims within the last five or more years with your previous home insurer. 

Safe Homeowner Program: If you go claim-free on your Liberty Mutual home insurance for three years, you might be eligible for additional savings. 

Early Shopper: This discount is applicable if your current policy with another carrier expires in 31 or more days.


Newly Purchased Home: Just bought a home? Liberty Mutual gives extra savings. 

New/Renovated Home: New homes or those with significant renovations might qualify for extra savings.

New Roof: Liberty Mutual lets you recoup some of your new roof expenses through a discounted policy.

Protective Devices: Homes with burglar alarms, smoke detectors, deadbolt locks, and other safety features can have premiums lowered. 


Multi-Policy: As with many other insurers, you can save money by bundling different Liberty Mutual policies. 

Online Purchase: While this discount isn’t available everywhere, you could save by purchasing your insurance online. You’ll find out whether you can when applying for an online quote. 

Insured to Value: Insuring your home for 100% of its rebuilding cost can land you this discount. 

Preferred Payment: Sign up for Liberty Mutual’s automatic payment option with your bank account to shave dollars off your monthly premium.

Paperless Policy: Liberty Mutual awards extra savings to homeowners who switch to electronic statements and communications. 

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Availability

Liberty Mutual's home insurance product isn’t available in some regions, especially coastal areas with hurricane risk and places prone to wildfires.

How to Get a Liberty Mutual Homeowners Insurance Quote

Getting an online quote with Liberty Mutual can be done straight from its homepage, except for in some states like Florida. You can also call 1-800-786-6720 for a quote, contact a local agent, or use its app. 

How to File a Claim With Liberty Mutual

You can file a Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance claim by phone, through its app, or online. The company encourages you to file claims digitally, noting the process typically takes less than 10 minutes. All you need is an approximate incident date and basic details of the event. A claims representative will also contact you to do an over-the-phone, video-call or in-person damage review and go over your options and repair-cost estimates. For the video-call option, called RealTime Review, you can use FaceTime or Skype to allow a Liberty Mutual agent to remotely view your damage and give an estimate, which could save time.

Liberty Mutual Customer Service

Study How Liberty Mutual Fared
JD Power Property Claims Satisfaction Study Below average
JD Power Home Insurance Study Below average
JD Insurance Digital Experience Study  Below average
NAIC Complaint Index 2020 4.53 (four times higher than average)

J.D. Power studies show Liberty Mutual isn’t excelling in any area, and often is performing below the industry average. In J.D. Power's 2021 Property Claims Satisfaction Study, Liberty Mutual tied with Travelers for 11th place out of 19 insurance providers, and put it below the industry average. 

In J.D. Power’s 2021 Home Insurance Study, Liberty Mutual was close to the bottom of the list, ranking 17th among 22 providers on critical factors like interaction, policy offerings, price, billing process, policy information, and claims. It also scored poorly in the 2021 Insurance Digital Experience Study. This could be indicative of serious problems, should you need to file a claim online. 

It’s not surprising that in 2020 Liberty Mutual as a whole and its home insurance policies had a high number of complaints from customers. The NAIC gathers complaint information from state regulators. Complaint ratios of 1.0 represent the national average, and anything above shows the company has more complaints than usual. For example, a ratio of 2.0 indicates twice as many complaints as expected in the market. 

In 2019, Liberty Mutual had over five times more complaints than average for its homeowners policies. While complaint report trends show Liberty Mutual is improving, it still severely lags other top contenders like State Farm, which received a 0.74 complaint ratio on its homeowner policies in 2020.

Based on these ratings, Liberty Mutual’s customer service appears to be mediocre at best. But the company does provide homeowners with a suite of useful tools, such as a home insurance coverage calculator, an app to manage policies and file and track claims, and even the ability to show evidence of losses online through FaceTime or Skype. If you need answers, Liberty Mutual also has countless ways to reach its customer support, including by text, phone, Twitter, Meta, and postal mail. 

Financial Stability

AM Best is one of the oldest rating agencies and specializes in insurance companies. It gives Liberty Mutual and its subsidiaries an “A” rating, showing it’s a stable company with an excellent ability to meet ongoing financial obligations—including paying out claims. Homeowners can be confident Liberty Mutual will be able to reimburse them for covered losses even if natural disasters result in a large number of simultaneous claims. 

Other Types of Insurance Provided by Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers many other typical forms of insurance coverage, including vehicle, renters, condo, landlord, and small-business insurance. The insurer even offers tuition coverage.

Compare Other Home Insurance Reviews

Although Liberty Mutual’s policy offerings may align with your needs and budget, if you value customer service, you may want to investigate other providers and their quotes to make sure you get the best value from your policy. Here are some similar policies offered by different providers:

Final Verdict

Liberty Mutual homeowners coverage is probably best for people who:

  • Seek well-rounded policies with opportunities to upgrade, add coverage, or score discounts
  • Want an option for premium inflation protection over time
  • Like the ease of video calling to file a claim 

But if these aspects concern you, another provider might be worth considering:

  • Below-average record on customer complaints
  • Mediocre customer service, based on satisfaction ratings


The Balance strives to give consumers unbiased, comprehensive reviews of homeowners insurance providers. To ensure that our content helps you make the right insurance decision for your needs, we review each insurance provider’s coverage options, discounts, customer service and satisfaction, and financial stability. 

In addition, we look at the cost of a basic policy in a residential neighborhood in Illinois, a state whose average insurance premiums are close to the national average. We request a quote for the following profile:

  • 35-year-old applicant with a mortgage
  • Insured for five years
  • No claims
  • Arlington Heights, Ill., residential neighborhood
  • 1,500-square-foot home 
  • Built in 1971
  • $300,000 building value
  • $500,000 in liability
  • $1,000 deductible

We also include a number of other variables when asked, such as a 10-year-old roof upgrade. All of these factors were chosen to represent a consumer with an average home. Your situation may be quite different, but our quote is not meant to cover every kind of situation, but rather to give a sample of what premiums could be. We use the same profile for every homeowners insurance provider we review, to give the best chance of comparing providers’ costs across the board. 

Article Sources

The Balance requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our editorial policy .
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