10 Jobs in the Legal Marijuana Industry

With medicinal marijuana legal in many states and the legalization of recreational marijuana in an increasing number of states, more and more jobs are popping up in the booming marijuana industry.

Some studies show that the marijuana industry has created 200,000 new jobs and new opportunities are expected to grow over the next few years. A look at the marijuana-related job board websites out there shows a vast number of available jobs.

Ready to work in the industry? There are jobs available in many different aspects of the legal marijuana industry. Here are ten cool ones to check out.

Edible Maker

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With recreational and medicinal marijuana available in multiple different forms, from baked goods to candy, chocolates to tea, a variety of jobs emerge. Edible chefs, for example, are directly responsible for creating recipes and producing goods. There are a variety of other positions in the edibles industry, too: from working on an assembly line to labeling and packaging, for example.

A job working with marijuana edibles will require experience with food handling and production. In many cases, a culinary-related degree is preferred. 

Vaporizer Retailer

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Now that e-cigarettes and vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular, many stores are popping up that are solely dedicated to selling smokeless devices. Landing a job in one of these stores will require some familiarity with the industry, in addition to top-notch sales and customer service skills.

Delivery Person

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Many dispensaries offer delivery services to patients who are prescribed medicinal marijuana but can't necessarily make it out of their house to pick up the prescription. In addition, truck drivers are hired to transport products to their various locations.

A delivery job will require a valid drivers' license, a clean driving record and no criminal record. Some companies will require you to have your own high-mileage car and GPS device, and for legality reasons, in some states you may be required to possess your own doctor-authorized medical marijuana permit to work for the company.

In cases where you'll be interfacing with customers, you'll also need solid communication skills.

Store Manager

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As more and more dispensaries pop up, store managers are needed to successfully run each store. Having previous experience working in a dispensary is a huge asset - and sometimes, requires - to land a job as a manager. At the very least, you'll need prior retail skills and be able to demonstrate your ability to successfully manage employees, retail operations, and sales.


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Cashiers or front-end sales associates are needed in dispensaries and stores to greet customers, answer their questions and ring out sales. Though this is generally an entry-level position, you'll need to have great customer service skills and a familiarity with the products you'll be selling.

Security Guard

Security Guard
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Security guards are needed in dispensaries, manufacturing areas and other places medicinal marijuana is produced and distributed. In many cases you'll need to be certified as a guard and licensed to carry a fire arm if the job requires an armed guard.


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A "budtender" works at a dispensary to answer customer questions, provide the correct information and generally be the customer's go-to resource for making purchases. Accordingly, budtenders must be personal and have exceptional customer service skills while also possessing experience in sales and customer relations.

Production Manager

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Production managers oversee and analyze the entire "seed to sale" cycle of the product. Production managers must account for operations, process, staff management, along with budget and timelines. 

Website Manager

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Website, social media, and email managers are needed to run the digital presence of dispensaries, marijuana companies and the agencies that run their marketing, advertising, and public relations efforts. In addition, there are many marijuana-related websites and apps popping up that need staffing.

A background in communications, digital media, or web and graphic design is necessary to land a job in one of these fields.


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Harvesting marijuana involves in a number of tasks, including growing, trimming and packaging. These entry-level jobs tend to be quite labor-intensive, but, usually prior experience is not required, although it is recommended. 

How to Get a Marijuana Job

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