Lawrence Carrel

Content strategy, Financial services, Stock market
CEO/Founder of Long Run Consultants
Cornell University, Columbia University


  • Has been in the financial journalism industry for 25 years, writing and editing for many top business publications.
  • Wrote three published books about investing in the stock market, including "ETFs for The Long Run."
  • Specializes in content creation with a core focus on the financial side of the cannabis industry.


Lawrence Carrel is a financial journalist with more than 25 years of experience. Throughout those years, he has written and edited for some of the country's top business publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, and Barron's. Today, he regularly contributes to Forbes and Investor's Business Daily.

In addition to freelance work, Carrel owns his own consulting firm, Long Run Consultants. There, he curates content in the form of blog posts and white papers within the financial-services industry, develops curriculum for educational seminars, and serves as a panelist at various industry events. In recent years, his focus has been to help firms in the financial-services and cannabis industries educate their clients. He resides in New York, New York.


Lawrence Carrel received a bachelor's of science from Cornell University, as well as an advance certificate in journalism from the Columbia University School of Journalism graduate program.