French Rankings on 2011 World's Largest Retailers List

French Retail Industry Rankings on Retail Global Powers Biggest & Best List

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When most people think of the retail industry in France is they think of world-renowned designers, runway models, exclusive boutiques, high fashion, and press buzz from Paris Fashion Week festivities. In reality, the French retail industry is more practical than that, dominated by some of the world's largest grocery retail chains which lead the retail industry in overall sales in France, according to research firm Euromonitor.

Non-grocery retail sales have experienced continued decline in the recent past, reflecting a struggling recessionary economy that even took a toll on upper-class luxury shoppers. Grocery retailers like Leclerc were able to capitalize on the shifted consumer focus to essentials while non-grocery retailers like Conforama weren't able to adjust as well and suffered a decline in sales.

The success of the grocery sector of France's retail industry is due in part to a lack of competition from international companies. In addition, grocers have offered higher value to the consumers who have eliminated unnecessary expenses and focused more on the dynamic offerings of hypermarkets, discounters and supermarkets.

Of the non-grocery retailers that have grown in the last year, most of their growth is due to their Internet presence. Overall, online retail sales in France skyrocketed 24% in a single year, according to Reuters.

The French retail chains that have experienced double-digit growth most recently are the retailers with the strongest Internet presence and focus.

Despite those encouraging growth numbers, non-grocery retailers have also seen their biggest competition come from the Internet, particularly from foreign companies.

Many U.S. companies like Abercrombie & Fitch, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren are doing business in France and others like ​Costco and Banana Republic have announced plans to open retail stores there in the future. Although the citizens of the U.S. and France don't always seem to hold each other in high esteem, in general, the political and business environment in France is favorable for U.S. retailers.

Each year a “Global Powers of Retailing” report is compiled by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and STORES Magazine, ranking retailers from all over the world according to total revenue. In 2011, the 14th annual list was released, ranking 250 retailers from 32 different countries.

What follows is a list of the largest retail companies with headquarters in France. The number by the name of each Largest Retailer in France is the revenue ranking for the retail chain, compared to the other 249 global retail chains that qualified for the 2011 World's Largest Retailers report.

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    Largest Retail Chains in France Ranked on the 2011 Global Powers of Retailing Report:
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    2      Carrefour

    13    Groupe Auchan S.A.


    18    Centres Distributeurs E. Leclerc


    24    Casino Gulchard-Perrachon S.A.

    34    Systeme U, Centrale Nationale


    39    PPR S.A.

    Specialty Stores

    Consumer Websites:

    64    LVMH Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton

    Specialty Stores

    66    Groupe Adeo

    Home Improvement

    122  Oxylane Groupe (formerly Decathlon Group)

    Specialty Stores

    141  Groupe Galeries Lafayette S.A.

    Department Store

    189  Groupe Vivarte

    Apparel/Footwear Specialty

    234  Lagardere Services
    Specialty Stores

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