Landmark Home Warranty Review

One of the top providers to consider if you live in the West


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A home warranty plan can give you peace of mind if you are worried about the high cost of home repairs. You never buy a home expecting home components/system to malfunction, but over time, as the home ages, it will inevitably happen. Home warranties will pay for expensive repairs/replacement of home systems, appliances and more and you are only responsible for the service call/deductible depending on your plan specifics. Landmark Home Warranty is one provider in the industry that rates high on our list of home warranty providers. 

Landmark Home Warranty has been in business since 2005 and offers regional home warranty plans to residents in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah. It has two main plans that can be paired with optional coverage available at an additional charge. Plan options and pricing varies by state. 

When reviewing the home warranty options offered by Landmark Home Warranty, we examined pricing, number and types of plans, claims, customer service, BBB rating and how its coverage compares with the competition. Read on to see if Landmark’s home warranty coverage plans are the right choice for you.

What We Like

  • Flexible payment plans; customers may pay month-to-month

  • ”A” rating with the Better Business Bureau

  • Transparent pricing

  • Optional coverage available for a guest house which is not offered by many home warranty companies

What We Don't Like

  • Coverage is only available in 6 states

  • Optional coverages (extra $) come standard with some other home warranty companies, including coverage for a water heater, garage door opener, or a refrigerator

  • Coverage available for existing homeowners is not as comprehensive as the coverage available to homeowners who are purchasing a home

Company Overview

Landmark Home Warranty has been in business since 2005. The company headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah. It offers home warranties to homeowners and real estate professionals. Optional add-on coverage is available for an additional charge. Coverage is offered in six states (Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah).

Available Plans

For existing homeowners, you have the following plan options available. Service fees vary from $70 to $100. (There is a higher service fee for Subterranean termite treatment which varies by state.)

Real Estate Plans

Landmark has four different home warranty plans available plus optional coverage to homeowners who have purchased their homes in the last 30 days.The service call fee for real estate plans is $65.


The following exclusions were obtained from a sample downloadable contract:

  • Repairs or replacement required as a result of fire, freeze, flood, or other acts of God; accidents; vandalism; neglect; misuse; abuse; missing parts; cosmetic defects; design flaws; manufacturer defects; structural defects; power failure, shortage, surge or overload; inadequate capacity; or damages due to pests or pets.
  • Living spaces detached from main home, unless additional option is chosen (Guest House Home Systems Plan). 
  • Repairs or replacement required as a result of failure to clean or maintain, according to manufacturer specifications. 
  • Repairs or replacement required as a result of improper previous or attempted repair known prior to the effective date of the contract.
  • Repairs or replacement required as a result of improper installation known prior to the effective date of the contract.
  • Consequential or secondary damage, including consequential damages due to a service contractor’s conventional repair efforts of the primary item. 
  • Failure to provide timely service due to conditions beyond LHW’s control, including but not limited to, part or equipment delays or labor difficulties.
  • Commercial properties and/or residential properties being used for commercial purposes.
  • Systems or appliances classified by the manufacturer as commercial and/or commercial equipment modified for domestic use. 
  • Diagnosis, repair, removal, or remediation of mold, mildew, rot, or fungus, or any damages resulting from or related to mold, mildew, rot, or fungus, even when caused by or related to the malfunction, repair, or replacement of a covered system or appliance.
  • Providing or closing access to covered items, except as noted under limits for plumbing, electrical, and ductwork. LHW is not responsible for additional charges to remove or install systems, appliances, or non-related equipment; nor does LHW cover the cost of restoration of wall coverings, floor coverings, countertops, etc.
  • Cost for cranes or other lifting equipment.
  • Cost relating to permits.
  • Performance of services involving hazardous or toxic materials, including but not limited to, asbestos, mold, lead paint, or sanitation of sewage spills; costs related to disposal of hazardous or toxic materials. 
  • Removal of non-covered systems and appliances.
  • Cost of construction, carpentry, or other modifications made necessary by a covered repair or replacement, except as noted in A/C and Heating System.
  • Items covered by a manufacturer, distributor, builder, or an extended warranty.

Payout Caps/Limitations

Landmark’s home warranties caps include: a cap of $500 for replacements for AC/Heating; plumbing systems can have caps if you have an underground pipe leak encased in concrete ($1,000); water heater ($800 cap); electric cooktop of ($1,000), built-in microwave if a combo unit ($1,000); refrigerator ($1,500); and washer dryer ($2,000).

Repair Time

Landmark will attempt to assign a contractor to your claim within 24 hours after the service request is made. 

Customer Service/Claims

You can log in to your account to request a repair 24/7 or call the customer service line 866-306-2999. You may e-mail customer service at There is also an online chat feature.

BBB Rating

Landmark Home Warranty has an “A” rating with the BBB and has been an accredited business since 2010. It has a 2.75-out-of-5 star average rating based on 267 customer reviews. A total of 283 customer complaints have been received with the majority of the complaints listed as a “problem with a product or service.”


Landmark Home Warranty’s pricing varies by state and plan. We checked pricing for the six states where Landmark offers coverage. The service fee is $70 or $100 depending on the plan you choose. Optional coverage is available for all states. Pricing listed is on a per/month basis for existing homeowners.

The following pricing is for existing homeowners:

The following pricing is for real estate plans (pricing on real estate plans is per year):

The Competition: Landmark Home Warranty vs. Cinch Home Services

Landmark Home Warranty and Cinch Home Services both have 24/7 claims service and comprehensive coverage. Both offer existing homeowner coverage along with real estate plans. Cinch Home Services has the most experience as it has been in business for 40 years and Landmark has been in business for 15 years. Cinch’s services fees are higher with options of $150, $125 and $100 compared to Landmark’s services fees of $70 or $100 (higher for subterranean termite service). Cinch’s monthly prices appear to be the higher of the two, ranging from $65.99 to $84.99 per month compared to Landmark’s monthly plan prices of $35 to $55. And Landmark has a better BBB rating of an “A,” while Cinch has a “B+” rating. 

Final Verdict

For those who live within the coverage territory (Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah), Landmark Home Warranty is one of the best options to consider for your home repair needs. The company offers two plans to homeowners plus optional coverage which you can add on to either plan along with flexible payment options (you can choose to pay month-to-month). For homeowners buying a new home, there are four plans plus optional add-on features.