L.L. Bean Visa Card Review

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Outdoor enthusiasts and fans of L.L. Bean outdoor and clothing catalog, will love the L.L. Bean Visa credit card. It has one of the best rewards and benefits programs of any retailer out there.

L.L. Bean Visa Bonus and Rewards

Enjoy a 15% discount on purchases you make the day you're approved for your L.L. Bean Visa credit card.

The L.L. Bean Visa rewards cardholders with 3% back on all Bean purchases, 10% back at L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools, and 1% back on all other purchases.

Because it's a Visa co-branded credit card, you can use the L.L. Bean Visa anywhere that Visa is accepted, not just at L.L. Bean stores.

When you earn at least $10 in rewards, you're automatically sent a coupon with your statement. (The certificates expire after 12 months if you don't use them). If you've lost your coupon or you're not sure whether you've earned one, you can login to your online account to get the coupon code to use on your purchase.

The rewards are only part of it. L.L. Bean offers free shipping on all purchases, no minimum required, even if you don't use your Visa card. But, if you do use your card, you also get free shipping on any returns. Monogram lovers will enjoy the benefit of free monogramming on goods purchased with the card, up to 10 spaces per line.

To keep your rewards, you need to keep your account in good standing and use your card at least once a year. Otherwise, you risk losing your rewards and having your account closed.

Pricing Details for the L.L. Bean Visa

There's no annual fee for the L.L. Bean Visa, so if you pay your balance in full each month, you can enjoy your rewards for absolutely free. It's always better to pay credit card balances in full, even moreso with a rewards credit card.

The regular APR for purchases and balance transfers will be 14.24%, 17.24% or 20.24% depending on your creditworthiness. The lowest APR is pretty competitive, even compared to many non-retail credit cards. You'll likely need excellent credit to qualify for the lowest interest rate. But, if you're paying in full - as you should with a rewards credit card - it almost doesn't matter what interest rate you have. 

The cash advance APR is a steep 25.49% and applies to money orders, travelers' checks, foreign currency, lottery tickets, gambling chips, wire transfers and other similar transactions.

Balance transfers are charged a fee of $5 or 3%, whichever is greater. Cash advances are charged a fee of $10 or 5%, whichever is greater. Finally, the foreign transaction fee is 3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars.

Late payments and returned payments are charged a fee up to $37.

If you've decided you want the L.L. Bean Visa, you can apply directly on their website. Make sure you check out the latest terms and conditions to be sure nothing has changed. Once you're approved, you can manage your online account at llbeanvisa.com.

Edited by LaToya Irby. Credit card terms and sign-up bonuses are subject to change from the time of this review. Refer to the application for current terms and conditions.