Kimberly Amadeo

Kimberly Amadeo

Kimberly Amadeo has 20 years senior-level corporate experience in economic analysis and business strategy. She received an M.S. in Management from the Sloan School of Business at M.I.T.Kimberly is the U.S. Economy expert for The Balance, and has been writing for Dotdash/ since 2006. She covers economic and business news, and explains how the economy affects you.


Kimberly is president of WorldMoneyWatch. The company provides publications about the global economy that are easy to understand, succinct, and full of practical information. Examples include "The Ultimate Obamacare Handbook," published in 2015. The company published "Beyond the Great Recession" in 2010. Both are available on

Kimberly has analyzed market segments to identify new product niches for utilities and media companies. She was a senior sales executive for a national footwear company. She was also an urban planner where she analyzed commercial redevelopment opportunities.

Kimberly has been featured as an expert on Varney & Co., a news talk show on the Fox Business Network. Clips of her program appearances can be seen here:

Kimberly has also been featured as an expert on CCTV America, NewsmaxTV, and Modern Survival Magazine. She has been interviewed by U.S. News and World Report, The Dallas Morning News, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Xinhua, TV2 Denmark, and Industry Week. Her work has been cited by The Washington PostVoxUSA Today, Forbes, Zero Hedge, Huffington Post, NASDAQ, The Washington Times, and the Washington Examiner.


"I research and teach trade at the University of Wyoming. I often look for accessible ways to explain trade-related issues to the students in my Global Business MBA course without sacrificing accuracy and rigor of the argument. Your articles are a must read from now on for me and my classes. This is the first time I felt compelled to reach out." Alexandre Skiba, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Wyoming

"You make the complex, understandable, the understandable, useful." Victor Barbieri

"I'm a debater, and no author is currently more ubiquitous in the world of debate than you. Your work is topical, up to date, based on research and statistics, relativity neutral, and concise enough that it is easily understood by all. So on behalf of every debater who has been saved much struggle by one of your articles, thank you." Joe Knapp

"The way you explain things so simply with sources and no filler...! Big fan!" Asa Highsmith, Principal, Common Works Architects.

"Really liked your article on 'How the US Trade Deficit Hurts the Economy.' I wrote a book on trade policy Globalization and America's Trade Agreements and completely share your view. Bill Krist, Woodrow Wilson Center

"I searched the internet to understand the Greek crisis...went on Forbes, Newsweek, Washington post... but your explanation was awesome to read" Leo Olivera.

"Just read your article, "Did Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac cause the mortgage crisis?" Just fantastic!! Finally a succinct, understandable, and unbiased assessment. Thank YOU!!!" Don White, Coldwell Banker Residential

"You did a fine job on the US economy in 2008 piece. It was most helpful to me. Thanks. With warm regards." Roger Weissinger-Baylon, Ph.D.Workshop Chairman and Co-Founder; Director, Center for Strategic Decision Research

"You are brilliant and make these complex subjects so clear. I'm almost 70 and worked in government for 38 years and studied economics in college. I learn something new every time I read your articles on "The Balance." I enjoy the Hot Topics the most. I use some of your ideas in my Current events class. Thanks for educating an old guy who thought he knew it all." Mario Falisi, Professor.

"There is so much uninformed 'noise' about the US and world economies and I so enjoy your common sense approach." Liam Naden, New Zealand Travel.

"What I find useful is the factual and informative basis of all your pieces capped off by what it all means. It really is a breath of fresh air compared to an awful lot of material out there where you have to trudge through the ideologies and biases of the writer." Shankar Jegasothy, Quantitative Analyst, Income & Fixed Interest, BT Investment Management

"I am currently nearing the end of my B.A. in Marketing and I just wanted to say the work you do is amazing. Before I had no concept of economic matters or its global impact, but your work has been so educational in many topics. Thanks!!!" Joshua Ormond, Twitter follower.


M.S. Business Administration, M.I.T. Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA

M.S. Planning, Boston College Graduate School Social Work, Chestnut Hill, MA

B.A. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

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