John Christy

John Christy has spent nearly 15 years covering international investing as a business journalist and financial analyst. He is committed to helping investors navigate the risks and rewards of global markets in an informative and entertaining manner.


John spent more than a decade covering international markets and investing from New York and Tokyo as a Senior Editor at Forbes and Bloomberg News. He worked briefly for a boutique global investment management firm before creating the Forbes International Investment Report, a monthly investment newsletter. John is a frequent speaker at investment conferences and has served as a research consultant to several global organizations.


John earned a bachelor's degree in Economics at Fordham University, and he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst distinction from the CFA Institute.

John Christy

International investing used to be something that was strictly off-limits to small investors. But that's no longer the case. Of course, you still need to do your homework, but the average investor now has access to data and information about global companies that was previously only available to the pros. My goal is to help you navigate these exciting new opportunities - and to avoid the pitfalls.