Jobs in the Banking Industry

The Major Job Types and Employers in Banking

Banks are indispensable to the American economy, and to most economies internationally as well. Banking is a core function of the financial services industry, so it only makes sense that banks are among the leading employers within the financial field.

But exactly what jobs and careers are available in this sector? Here's a list of principal job categories in the banking industry and the employers within those categories. 

Types of Banking Jobs

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Before you begin looking for a job in banking, it's important to know what types of jobs are available and the qualifications you'll need. You should also understand the distinction between commercial banking and retail banking.

Retail banks are those that serve families and small businesses. Commercial banks provide services to larger businesses and corporations.  More

Bank Teller Jobs

For many consumers, bank tellers are the face of the industry. And for many job seekers, becoming a bank teller is a great entry-level introduction to banking.

Good communications skills are key, and it helps to be a "people person." A high school diploma usually provides sufficient education. Computer skills are important, and passing a background check is often required. More

Loan Officer Jobs

Loan officers are key employees within both commercial and retail banks as well as within other lending institutions. Top talent in this field is pretty consistently in demand. A loan officer helps clients and customers apply for loans and oversees the process, including determining just how much a client is qualified to borrow.

Look here for additional details of what this category of banking jobs entails and to find out whether it might be a good fit for you. More

Private Banking Jobs

Private banking serves the needs of high net worth clients, those with financial assets of at least $10 million. At a minimum, a bachelor's degree is required in addition to significant experience in the industry to achieve a career in this area.  More

Investment Banking Jobs

Investment bankers raise funds for corporations by structuring the issuance of securities such as stocks and bonds. They also advise corporations that are contemplating mergers and acquisitions. Many of the largest commercial banks also have investment banking divisions. This field is fast-paced and very highly paid.  More

Credentials for Banking Jobs

Be mindful of the sorts of credentials that are either required by institutions or that can improve your chances of getting the sort of banking job you're looking for, even when they're just optional. 

Financial planning designations always look excellent on a resume, including those associated with retirement planning, and a background in investment management can be helpful as well.  More

Leading Banks

Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Barclays, and many others head the lists of leading banking institutions.  More

Nonbank Lenders

These institutions aren't banks, but they do extend loans, securitize bank loans, or otherwise play roles in the extension of long-term or short-term credit. This link provides profiles of some of the leading non-bank lenders and the job opportunities that they offer. More

Investment Banking Firms

Leading players in investment banking include Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, UBS, JPMorgan, Smith Barney, Wells Fargo, and others. More

Banking Regulators

Banking is a highly regulated industry, and employment opportunities with the various government regulatory agencies are often overlooked. 

Sometimes starting a career with banking regulators can open doors to attract private sector banking jobs and vice versa. Familiarize yourself with the leading regulatory agencies and what they do. More

Opportunities Abound

The banking industry is a sprawling field that covers many financial sectors. There's something for anyone who has the inclination and the necessary skills to wade into this type of career.