Jobs for Teens to Make Money

teenage barista

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Teens love money and if you’re a parent, you know how they are always coming to you trying to get some. They want name brand clothes and shoes, the newest video games and the latest technology. Teens are bombarded every day with fashion and celebrities on TV. They want to be like their favorite celebrities and keep up with the latest trends. This type of consumerism is hard to fight, but as a parent, ​you have to be careful not to always give in. Giving your young adult an allowance is a good way to introduce them to money and learning how to spend it, but it’s also important for them to learn how to work for their money.

Some teens want to work right out of the gate, but in many cases, you’ll have to coax your teen into making money for themselves. This can help them become responsible young adults. With advances in technology, there are many ways for teens to make money. Teens no longer have to do the usual summer jobs to make money. There are many options available for teens to make extra cash.

Teens who love fashion can make money off of their clothes that they no longer want. As a parent, ​you can help your teen by creating an eBay account and walking them through the process of selling items online. This goes beyond just making money and teaches a lot of useful computer and business skills as well. Teens should also check to see if there is a store in their town that buys gently used trendy clothes.

Teens can also make money by putting videos on YouTube. These videos can be about showing people a skill, such as putting on makeup or instructions on how to complete all the levels on a video game. Kids love the internet and love making videos even more, so this is another interesting combination. Granted, most people shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money or become the next internet sensation, but if you can create useful videos that attract viewers it can create a little residual income.

Teens who want discounts on clothes can get a job in retail. There are many trendy stores that hire teens to work part-time, especially during the holidays. This can be great for teens who want to work around their peers and help them pick out clothes and get the clothes they want at a discount. Teens who love the mall would be the best fit for trendy teen stores.

Teens who don’t mind mowing the lawn can start their own landscaping business for the summer. They can offer lawn mowing, trimming, leaf raking, and even flower planting services. The great part of this idea is that they are their own boss and they decide how much money they want to make. Again, it’s one of those jobs that goes beyond just making a few dollars and helps them develop a lot of other great skills that will come in handy later in life.

Last, but certainly not least, teens who love fast food could work a few hours a week at a fast food restaurant. Some restaurants are fun places to work and they offer free meals. While it may not be the most glamorous job in the world, ask many adults where they got their first job and flipping burgers is a common first job.

If none of these ideas suit your fancy, here’s a collection of other types of jobs who usually hire teens:

  • Veterinary clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Newspapers (delivery routes)
  • Parks and pools (lifeguarding)
  • Golf courses (caddying)

If working for someone else isn’t your idea of a fun job and would like to have a little more control over what you do and how much you can make, here are a few business ideas for teens:

  • Pet sit for neighbors on vacation or walk dogs
  • Detail cars
  • Tutor other students in a subject you excel at
  • Use your computer expertise to help other students or adults
  • Plant a garden and sell your produce to neighbors
  • Sell baked goods to neighbors or at a local farmers market
  • Start your own DJ business