Job Sites for the 10 Largest Cities in New York

New York is a state pretty much divided into the New York City area and everything else. Even though the Big Apple dominates the state's population, there are still other large cities that boast ample employment opportunities. The 10 largest cities in New York need large workforces to provide city services. Below are links to the job sites for these cities along with a brief sketch about those locales. 

New York City

lower manhattan new york
The sun sets on Lower Manhattan, New York City. Remon Rijper / Getty Images

New York City is the largest city in New York state and the US. The city is divided into five boroughs -- Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. New York City is governed under a mayor-council form of government. The New York City Council is made up of 51 councilors who each represent a geographic district. The municipal government is responsible for a much wider range of services than most cities; therefore, it has an abnormally large city staff even considering its size. New York City is home to approximately 8.4 million people.  More


Buffalo is the second largest city in New York, but it is a distant second at 261,130 people according to the 2010 US Census. It is located at the easternmost point of Lake Erie. The Buffalo Common Council is made up of nine council members each representing a district. More


Rochester is the third largest city in New York. It is located just off the south shore of Lake Ontario. Rochester operates under a strong mayor form of government. The Rochester City Council consists of nine members, four members elected by districts and five elected at large. The city employs approximately 3,500 employees to serve its population of 210,000 people. More


Yonkers sits on the east bank of the Hudson River directly north of the Bronx. The downtown area of Yonkers is known as Getty Square. City government offices are located there. As of 2012, Yonkers has 198,449 residents. Many residents have jobs in New York City. 


Syracuse is located in the middle part of the state about 40 miles inland from Lake Ontario. The city operates under a strong mayor form of government. The Syracuse Common Council is the city's legislative body consisting of a president, four at-large councilors, and five district councilors. The mayor has veto power over ordinances passed by the Common Council, but the Council can override a mayoral veto with a two-thirds vote. About 165,000 people live in Syracuse. It is also home to Syracuse University, a private school with approximately 21,000 students enrolled.  More


While Albany is tiny compared to New York City, it is in fact, the capital city of New York. It is located on the Hudson River about 150 miles north of New York City. Like many other cities in the state, Albany operates under a strong mayor form of government. The capital city has approximately 98,000 inhabitants.  More

New Rochelle

New Rochelle is north of the Bronx on Long Island Sound. Pelham Manon sits between New Rochelle and the Bronx. Like residents of Yonkers, many people of New Rochelle work in New York City. About 80,000 people live in New Rochelle.  More

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is situated between Yonkers and New Rochelle north of the Bronx. In the 2010 US Census, Mount Vernon had a population of 67,292. 


Schenectady is located about 20 miles northwest of Albany. That puts this town of approximately 66,000 people too far from New York City for very many residents to commute to one of the five boroughs. 


Utica is located along Highway 90 about halfway between Syracuse to the west and Schenectady to the southeast. In the 2010 US Census, Utica had a population of 62,234.  More