Job Offer Thank You Letter and Email Samples

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When you receive a job offer, it's appropriate to send a thank you letter. If you have already verbally accepted the job offer, sending a letter allows you to formally confirm the new position. Following up with a letter is a good idea even when you have declined the offer, as it gives you a chance to be gracious and leave the possibility open for a future relationship with the company.

Why Send a Job Offer Thank You Letter?

The main purpose of the letter is to express gratitude for the offer.

It allows you to put in writing your intentions to accept or decline the offer, and can clarify the terms of your agreement.

If you are accepting the position, think of the job offer thank you letter as your first interaction with the company as an employee, and aim to make a good impression.

If you will not be accepting the job, use the letter to politely decline the position. After all, you might want to apply to another job at the company in the future, so it’s a smart idea to maintain a good relationship with the employer.

What Information Should You Include in Your Letter?

The content of your letter will be slightly different depending on whether you choose to accept or decline the offer. In either circumstance, the most important thing to include in your letter is your gratitude for the offer.

You may want to reiterate the terms of the offer when accepting the position; while this letter is not a legal document, it can be helpful for both you and the employer to clarify the terms.

You can also ask questions, and confirm contact information if necessary. You can also use the letter to bring up any questions you have about the specifics of the job offer. For example, you might include a question about the salary, benefits, or the start date.

If you are not taking the job, you don’t have to provide specific details about your reasons.

This is not really the place to negotiate a counter offer. You'll want to say thank you for the offer, and you can also use the space to express your desire to keep in touch, leaving an opening for future association.

How to Send Your Letter

You can send the letter as an email, or send a hard copy. Either way, make sure to be polite and use the appropriate business letter format, including an appropriate salutation and complimentary close.

If you send an email, put your name and thank you in the subject line of the message: “Firstname Lastname- Thank You.”

Be sure to thoroughly proofread your letter, so you appear professional and polished.

The following are examples of letters thanking an employer for offering the candidate a job.

Sample Job Offer Thank You Letter #1: Letter Format

Your Name
Your Address
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Your Email


City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname:

Thank you so much for hiring me for the teaching assistant position. I appreciate the time you took to interview me, and I am very glad to become a part of the staff at Suburb Elementary School.

I am ready to meet the students September X, and can’t wait to begin planning sessions with Jane Smith on August XX to help get her classroom and curriculum set for the new year.

Please let me know if these dates are still correct or if anything changes.

I look forward to starting my position and, once again, I'd like to thank you for this great opportunity.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name

Sample Job Offer Thank You Letter #2: Email Format

Subject: First Name Last Name – Thank You

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Thank you so much for offering me the job as an administrative assistant. It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff at my last interview. I am sorry to let you know that I will not be accepting the position at XYZ Company at this time.

While the opportunity at XYZ is very exciting, I must make a different choice at this time. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and hope that we will associate in the future.

Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity.


Your Typed Name