Job Search Thank You Card Samples

 Taking the time to send a thank you card after a job interview or to someone who has helped you job search or written you a recommendation not only shows your appreciation, but helps build your relationship with the person you are thanking.

Take a look at job interview thank you card samples, reference thank you cards, personalized thank you card samples, and holiday thank you cards, to reiterate your interest, show your appreciation, and to affirm your connection with your contacts.

Then review what to include in your thank your card. Taking the time to personalize the cards you send will not only be appreciated by the receiver, it will also enhance your job prospects.

When saying thank you for a job interview or otherwise thanking a professional contact, it's important to use a formal thank you card when sending a handwritten thank you.

You'll want to make the best impression you can on the interviewer and a formal card is the best way to make that good impression.

When writing a formal thank you card be sure to use full names and titles, rather than abbreviations and nicknames.

Traditional Thank You Card

Formal thank you card
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When you choose thank you cards, you can't go wrong if you select a traditional thank you card. Traditional thank you cards work well for saying thank you and showing your appreciation. A formal card is appropriate for all occasions and all employment related circumstances.

Photo Thank You Card Sample

Photo thank you card
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Sending a thank you card with your photo after a job interview, is a great way to remind the interviewer who you are. It also shows that you've put some effort into having cards created. In addition, a personalized thank you card reiterates your interest and your appreciation for being considered for the position.

Personal Thank You Card

Personalized thank you card
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Sending a personalized thank you card with your name on it is another good way to remind the interviewer who you are. They are easy to get made and make a good impression. The reader will see, at a glance, who is writing to them and you'll make a positive impression before they even open the card.

Informal Thank You Card Sample

Thank You card
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It's fine to send an informal thank you card when you're thanking someone you know well. You can be a little less formal and more personal when you write your card.

An informal thank you card works well, for example, for saying thank you to a friend or colleague who has referred you for a job or given you a reference.

Holiday Thank You Card

Holiday card
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The holidays are a great time of year to show your appreciation to everyone who has helped with your career.

If you're looking for work or have job searched during the year, take a few minutes to thank the people who helped you. People like being appreciated and they'll be even more willing to help next time around if you have taken the time to thank them.

Not sure what to write? Here are examples of what to include in your thank you cards: