Job Board Affiliate Revenue

Earn affiliate revenue from job postings on your site

The following job board software publishers offer a few ways for you (a website publisher) to earn revenue from job listings. You can earn money when employers post a job and/or when job seekers apply for one.

All of these options are free for the website publisher to get started.


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JobThread offers a free (revenue share based), hosted job board for your website.

You don't need to have any technical expertise, or even your own Web server, to run a job listings board. The software is hosted by JobThread. They take care of maintenance and all the underlying magic, and you worry about bringing an audience together.

You set your site's rate for a job to be posted directly on your site. You and JobThread split the fee 50/50. There is no up front cost to the website publisher.

You can use a custom [link]URL[/link], such as "". Live JobThread boards in action:



Employers pay a flat rate of $99 for to post jobs to the JobCoin network of website.

You, the website publisher, get paid around $20 when a job post originates from your site via the JobCoin widget. You also get paid whenever a job seeker applies for a job (around $2 - $10).

The type of job that gets posted on your website is based on your audience description. JobCoin also learns about the behavior of your site's visitors, and optimizes the jobs presented for your audience.


SimplyHired aggregates jobs from many different job boards across the Web.

You can sell job postings directly on your site. Their free, hosted job board is called Job-O-Matic. You set the prices and duration. You also have the option of showing jobs posted around the Simply Hired network. You get paid on network jobs on a pay-per-click basis. More