Jim Farrish Professional Money Manager, Teacher, Speaker, and Blogger

Is an abacus simple? Jim Farrish's approach is to keep it simple!
Is an abacus simple? Jim Farrish's approach is to keep it simple!. Tetra Images-Getty Images

Introducing Jim Farrish, author of the daily market perspective jimsnotes.com. He, has over thirty years of experience managing money, educating and advising investors nationwide on markets, investing, and portfolio maximization. I am pleased to invite Jim to contribute to the Annuities Expert site as a guest author.

Sought after as a national speaker, writer, and commentator concerning all things financial, Jim’s newest brainstorm is providing annuity information and products direct to the consumer.

His approach to annuities is in alignment with Stan The Annuity Man. Both have a vision for the future of annuities, and an urge to provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your financial future.

He is on a mission to bring a direct annuity model to the consumer. His annuities.direct, qlac.direct, spia.direct, myga.direct, and dias.direct websites are a true game changer in the annuity industry.

Jim is as passionate about the simplicity of income delivery through annuities, and his articles provide another strong voice in the conversation about the proper placement and delivery of annuities. He follows a disciplined manageable approach to money management, with a focus on protecting assets along the way. 

Jim Farrish is the CEO of Annuities.direct, and is the visionary behind numerous consumer-friendly sites that allow people to research, understand, and buy annuities online.

  Jim has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, is a well-respected voice on Wall Street, and fully understands the intricacies of the annuity industry.  Jim Farrish is to annuities as Steve Jobs is to computers.  He knows what the consumer wants, and is driven to give them that unmatched buying experience on their terms.