jess feldman in a white shirt
Budgeting, Investing, SEO, Social Media
Associate Editor, Special Projects
Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park


  • Serves as the associate editor on the special projects team for The Balance, who first joined the team as an evergreen-focused assistant editor in 2020
  • Has over five years of experience in the digital media landscape as a writer and editor, covering everything from budgeting and investing to up-and-coming fashion designers
  • Is experienced in content creation and strategy curated for social media and email campaigns
  • Holds a bachelor's in journalism from the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland


Jess Feldman has been writing and editing for over five years, and currently focuses on financial topics. As an associate editor on the special projects team, she writes, edits, and develops tentpole brand projects across a variety of platforms. Since joining the financial space, she's developed an interest in finding ways to make the complex topic of finance relatable to younger generations, specifically via TikTok.

Jess's digital media experience includes practicing storytelling, content creation, and editing in all its forms, covering a variety of subjects. She began her career in the traditional magazine industry, writing and editing for city-regional publications before pivoting and taking on roles in the marketing and social media space. Upon graduating from one of the top-10 journalism schools in the country, Jess joined Northern Virginia Magazine where she wrote and edited for both print and digital mediums, ran social media campaigns, and served as the resident lifestyle writer for a year and a half. Her work has been published by The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and USA Today. She joined The Balance in 2020.

Jess grew up just outside of Boston and now resides in the East Village of Manhattan. When she's not editing personal finance content, you'll find her reading the latest pop culture news, watching recently released films, or talking about Boston sports.


Jess has a degree journalism from the University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism, one of the top-10 journalism schools in the country.