Jeremy Vohwinkle

Retirement Planning, Financial advising, Insurance, Real estate, Investing, Restaurant management, Food preparation
Restaurant owner
Michigan State University


  • Expert in financial topics relevant to Generation X 
  • Retirement planning specialist
  • Former financial advisor for JP Morgan Chase and Ameriprise Financial


Jeremy Vohwinkle has deep expertise in personal finance, drawing from his experience as a retirement planning specialist at Diversified Investment Advisors and as a financial advisor for JP Morgan Chase and Ameriprise Financial.

Vohwinkle started a financial blog called in 2006, tailoring the content to the Generation X audience—people born between 1965 and 1980. He moved on from the blog in 2012 and has been running a barbecue restaurant in Indiana called The Prized Pig since 2013. (It closed down in 2017 but has since reopened in a new location.) 


Vohwinkle has a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from Michigan State University.