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How HR Can Respond to Employee Service Needs Most Effectively

Jen Stroud's Biography
Jen Stroud

Jen Stroud is an HR Evangelist and Transformation Consultant at ServiceNow.  In her role, Jen communicates the HR service management value proposition to HR leaders and is a trusted advisor to our community of HR customers. 

She comes to ServiceNow from TeleTech where she spent 10 years in HR and most recently was the Executive Director of Human Capital Services. Jen spent most of her career at TeleTech implementing HR technology solutions, improving processes and training her colleagues on HR best practices.


Though her efforts over the years often produced positive results, the HR team was plagued with significant challenges including a high volume of administrative and repetitive activities that negatively impacted their ability to work directly with employees when it really mattered. Employees also lacked a consistent and reliable support channel. 

In 2012, Jen was responsible for leading an enterprise HR transformation initiative at TeleTech to address these challenges. Central to this initiative was the transition from a decentralized HR support model to a Shared Services operating model. 

Jen and her team successfully leveraged ServiceNow for this transformation. The HR portal her team developed included an extensive HR knowledgebase, a service catalog with over 70 distinct transactions and a case management workflow.  Her team also successfully launched chat support.

This transformation initiative boosted employee satisfaction scores by over 50% and enabled her team to reduce headcount costs by $1.6M and achieve an overall ROI of approximately $7.4M.

  The ROI was gained through 4 areas:  employee self-service, HR headcount reduction, administrative and tactical work transfer to off-shore regions, and productivity gains.  

Jen is passionate about leveraging her HR knowledge and experience implementing the ServiceNow platform to strategize with other organizations on how to improve their HR business outcomes.

  Since joining ServiceNow, she has worked with hundreds of organizations across different industries.

She has discovered that most HR organizations are facing many of the same challenges she faced while at TeleTech:  Create a modern employee experience, improve how work gets done in HR, and move HR from the back room to the boardroom.

By Jen Stroud​