Jake Stroup

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Jake lives in the largest land-locked city in America. He has varied interests, from technology to archaeology, and claims to spend more time in research than most people spend sleeping.


After a tour of service in the US Navy, Jake worked in the information technology field for 13 years, before turning his attention to identity theft and data security. Today, he is a state-recognized expert on identity theft. Jake is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS), certified through The Institute of Fraud Risk Management. In the past, he has served on the Board of Directors for the Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters, and provided continuing education for insurance professionals in the mid-west. Today, Jake works closely with insurance agents and brokers across the country, helping them provide legal and identity theft protection programs as employee benefits.


After graduating Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, IN, Jake studied in various fields. He has attended Holmes Theological Seminar in Greenville, SC, studied computer technology at Ivy Tech, and is recognized as an identity theft expert by The Institute of Fraud Risk Management.

Jake Stroup

I'm an avid reader, with interests from ancient civilizations to cutting-edge technology. In my down-time I spend as much time as possible outdoors, camping, hiking, horseback riding, etc. I was still working in IT on 9/11. I followed the investigation closely, and began to understand identity theft was more than just fake IDs in this day and age.

Today I spend my time divided between marketing LegalShield programs through insurance professionals, conducting public education seminars, and writing for About.com. I enjoy seeing people take charge of their lives, and consider it a privilege to be able to show them how to do so.