Jacob Wade

Jacob Wade

Personal Finance, Accounting, Credit Cards, Investing
Art Institute of Seattle, Former Enrolled Agent


Jacob Wade has been a nationally-recognized personal finance expert for the past decade. He has written professionally for LendingTree, CompareCards, Investing Answers, and other widely-followed sites. 

He’s also been a featured expert on CBS News, MSN Money, Forbes, Nasdaq, Yahoo! Finance, Go Banking Rates, and AOL Finance.


Jacob’s background includes five years as an Enrolled Agent at an accredited CPA firm, where he prepared tax returns for individuals and small businesses.

An expert in teaching others how to budget, save money, pay off debt, invest and take advantage of credit card rewards, Jacob loves to help others find the best ways to manage their money.

In 2018, Jacob quit his job and his family decided to sell everything (including their home) to take off on an adventure. They traveled the country in an RV for nearly 3 years, visiting over 38 states, 20+ national parks and eventually settling in the Gulf Coast. Jacob now lives in Clearwater, Florida with his wife and three children.

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