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Jack Tatar is focused on providing not only timely, informative and educational content on bitcoin, but also examining the exciting trends and developments involving the blockchain as well.  Jack will also provide information about how to use bitcoin and also how to invest in bitcoin and blockchain technologies.


Jack Tatar has been writing about bitcoin for many years and authored one of the first books on bitcoin called "What's the Deal with Bitcoins?"  Jack has written extensively on retirement (author of "Retire Safely" and "Having the Talk: Family Guide to Discussing Later Life Issues") and is RetireMentor on Marketwatch.com, where he wrote about his experience seeking a retirement based investment in bitcoin which led to highly read (and discussed) series of articles that raised the visibility of investment options around bitcoin, rather than just viewing it simply as a currency. Jack is currently involved in following and investing in start up blockchain companies.  He runs the site www.TheBitcoinist.com and www.Safe4Retirement.com.


Jack has a BA in Economics from Stony Brook University and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Jack was a licensed financial advisor for many years with a large wire house wealth management firm.  He's also a Certified Digital Currency Professional through the Digital Currency Council.

Jack Tatar

I provide information for those modern day trailblazers who aren't willing to settle for mediocrity, the status quo or being told how to live their lives.  They embrace the opportunities that Bitcoin and cybercurrencies can provide for their life and society in general.