Is There Anything Else We Should Know About You?

How to Answer Interview Questions About What Else You Have to Offer

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One of the interview questions typically asked at the end of a job interview is whether there is something else that you would like to share or anything else that the interviewer should know about you. Most likely, by the time you hear this question, you've already spoken for awhile and answered many questions about your skills and experience. It can be tempting to just politely respond by saying that you feel like everything's been covered.


Resist this urge. Instead, use this as an opportunity to close the interview in a strong fashion. Think of your response as being like the closing statement in a trial: Sum up the major points discussed during the interview and make a final case for your candidacy.

Some questions asked during an interview can be tricky; a poor response could harm your candidacy or make the interviewer question your suitability for the role. That's not the case for this question, which is a gift from the interviewer. Much like the typical starting point request to "Tell me about yourself," this open-ended question allows you to take control of the conversation, and share information that's helpful to your candidacy. 

Here's how to prepare for this question before your interview, and some examples of strong responses. 

Make a List of What You Have to Offer

The first step to preparing for this type of question is to go into the interview with a clear understanding of what you have to offer.

Prepare a list of 8 - 10 assets which would enable you to excel in the job if it is offered. 

Review the job description and itemize a list of your skills (both hard and soft), accomplishments, areas of knowledge, experiences, and/or personal qualities which would help you to meet the qualifications for this particular job.

Be ready to supply examples from your work, volunteer, or academic history that prove that you have added value by applying those skills n the past.

Your asset list will help you to answer questions about your strengths throughout the interview. In addition, when you are asked at the end of the meeting if you have anything to add, you will be ready to furnish any qualities which haven't been explored up to that point. 

How to Answer

Start your closing statement with a summary of some of the key strengths which you have already shared, and then add any items from your list that haven't been covered. Here's an example of an effective answer a candidate could give for a public relations position:

"You have done a very thorough job of getting at my strengths. We have discussed my writing, presentation, and computer skills, but I haven't had the opportunity to tell you about my persuasive abilities. I was able to convince seven local businesses to sponsor the charity run which I organized for my fraternity, and I successfully placed several stories in the local media about a client during my public relations internship."

Summarize Your Qualifications

In the unlikely scenario where your interviewer has touched on all the assets on your list, then take the opportunity to thank them, mention your strong interest in the job, and summarize your most compelling qualifications.

For example, you might say:

"I think that you have been incredibly thorough and we have discussed my key strengths like my writing, presentation, computer, and persuasive skills. I would just like to assure you that I am very excited by the opportunity here. I am extremely motivated to pursue this job and will devote maximum energy to succeeding if I am hired.”

This response shows the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about the position. Plus, it's a good summary of why you're a strong candidate. 

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