Is Switching to LED Christmas Lights Worth the Investment?

New LED Holiday Lights Can Decrease Your Energy Bills

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If you decorate your home for Christmas with strings of lights and candles, you likely see a spike in your electric bill during the holiday season. The extra costs can add significantly to your expenses, making celebrating even more pricey. 

However, focusing on frugality does not mean you have to sacrifice decorating. Upgrading to LED lights instead of traditional bulbs can be a cost-effective way to lower your electricity use without sacrificing festive decor.


What Are LED Lights?

Your incandescent or traditional light bulbs waste a good deal of energy; 90 percent of their energy is released as heat, which is why regular light bulbs can burn you if you touch them. They can be a fire hazard if placed too close to cloth or flammable materials and burn out quickly. They typically need to be replaced every few months.

Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights are more efficient, durable and long-lasting than fluorescent incandescent lights. They do not give off heat, so you eliminate the risk of being burnt and more energy is converted to creating light. They can last for years, minimizing the need to purchase new bulbs or spend the time to replace them.

Benefits of LED Lights For the Holidays

LED lights are especially useful at the holidays. Since they do not get hot to the touch, they are safe to use around your Christmas tree, wreaths or garlands. And rather than having to replace strands of lights every year, incandescent strings can last for up to ten years.


Because they use so much less energy, your electric bill will be significantly lower than your usual bill, helping you stay on budget while celebrating the season. 

LEDs are also very durable. Because they are made of plastic, it is much more difficult to break them and they require less packaging and protective wrapping.

You can toss them in a box and use them worry-free year after year. 

LED Christmas lights come in a wide variety of styles, such as different size bulbs, twinkling lights and different colors, so there’s truly something for everyone. You can even find snowflake-shaped lights, rope lights and net lights.

LED lights continue to improve; first generation LED Christmas lights weren't able to match the pure white light of incandescent Christmas lights. The light was much bluer, and understandably, that was a big turn off for a lot of people. However, LED Christmas lights are now available in both options. Choose cool white bulbs, if you prefer the blue tone, and warm white bulbs, if you prefer more of a golden tone.

Drawbacks to LED Lights

LED lights typically have a higher initial cost when purchasing them compared to traditional bulbs. However, that cost will be offset over time with lower energy bills and the fact they do not need to be replaced as often. Take a trip to the store to look at the technology first-hand. Then, decide if LEDs are right for you. Most retailers have displays that allow you to try out the bulbs, and some may even have entire trees or displays decorated with them.