Is it Possible to Link to Your Business on eBay?

Why eBay is not the place for self-promotion.

Hand holding business card coming out of laptop
Dimitri Otis/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Many eBay users would like to link to their business from the site. After all, eBay is an obvious place for generating business leads, and it once made sense to use your eBay presence to promote your business.

However, it's nearly impossible to link to your business website from eBay item descriptions even if you try to link to your business website on your About Me page, in your eBay ID, on your eBay Stores pages or within graphics and images.

You'll encounter the same difficulty if you try to link your business in an email address, QR code or some other form of contact.

Then How Can I Use eBay to Drive Off-eBay Sales?

You'll find the answer to that question within the eBay links policy, a guide you should read thoroughly.

If you want to add information to any eBay page you control—your item listings, your eBay store, your About Me page—you should consider whether a buyer can use the information to purchase an item directly from you without going through eBay and Paypal.  

If the answer is yes, eBay probably forbids the addition, or the company will adjust their rules to ban it once enough sellers emulate the practice.  There's a simple business logic behind the policy: eBay understandably doesn't want shoppers to bypass their service when they make purchases from sellers on its site.

There are exceptions to eBay's links policy, notably for larger sellers who obtain special permission to place the links.

Is eBay Worthless as a Promotional Tool?

No, there remain several ways you can use your eBay activity is an effective promotional tool. You can use it to drive repeat eBay sales. Consistently provide a great product coupled with great customer service and—provided you regularly list on eBay—you can create repeat buyers.

eBay also can help you to build name recognition. If you have a memorable company name, and you brand your listings, item descriptions and images carefully (just not with contact information or links), customers may find you simply by Googling the name of your business the next time around. The key: your product, customer service and listing effort must be good enough to make a lasting impression.

While eBay can keep you from promoting your business on their website, they can't control what you include in the box that arrives on your customers' doorsteps. Along with the product, you can pack promotional material, contact information (including your website URL), catalogs, order forms and anything else that advances your business.

To take full advantage of the opportunity, pack your merchandise in branded boxes. Make sure the logo appears on your shipping label. Include your business card. Throw in a bag of jelly beans tied with a ribbon that has the address of your web store printed on it.

With the right delivery, customers will remember that they bought the product from you rather than that they buying it from eBay. You'll be using the eBay brand as an introduction to your own brand.