A photograph shows writer Irene Huhulea.

Irene Huhulea

Personal finance, Retirement planning
Strategic Content Editor
New York University, The University of Manchester


  • Strategic Content Editor at The Balance and Investopedia
  • 5+ years of experience covering personal finance, technology, and careers
  • Passionate about sustainable investing and emerging markets


Irene Huhulea began her career as a content manager for an educational nonprofit. She soon developed an interest in personal finance and careers, which led her to the technology sector and a job as an editor for the human resources tech company WayUp. Next for Irene was a finance-focused role at Meredith Corp. Throughout her career she has been a writer and editor motivated by a desire to help others,

In addition to writing about personal finance, she also covers emerging market trends and impact investing. 


Irene earned a bachelor's degree from New York University and a Ph.D. from The University of Manchester with a concentration in English and American studies.