Invest in Japan with Japanese ETFs

List of Japan ETFs

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While Japan isn’t the largest geographic region on the planet it can be considered one of the largest markets in the financial sector. So there are many ways to give a portfolio exposure to Japanese markets. And one way would be to consider Japan ETFs.

There are quite a few types of Japanese ETFs on the market to utilize for your investing strategy. Japanese market ETFs, yen currency funds, bond ETFs, small, mid, and large cap funds, dividend ETFs, inverse funds, leveraged ETFs and more.

And as you can see, Japan is a very targeted and segmented market when it comes to exchange traded funds, and Japan ETFs (or ETNs) may make your investing life easier instead of battling index prices and multiple broker commissions when trying to gain access to Japanese securities.

So if you want to hedge some Japan risk, invest in the region's market, or diversify your portfolio, here is a list of Japan funds to research…

List of Japan ETFs and ETNs

  • DBJP - DBX MSCI Japan Currency Hedged Equity Fund
  • DFJ - Wisdom Tree Japan Small Cap Dividend
  • DXJ - Wisdom Tree Japan Total Dividend ETF
  • DXJC - Wisdom Tree Japan Hedged Capital Goods ETF
  • DXJF - Wisdom Tree Japan Hedged Financials ETF
  • DXJH - Wisdom Tree Japan Hedged Health Care ETF
  • DXJR - Wisdom Tree Japan Hedged Real Estate ETF
  • DXJT - WisdomTree Japan Hedged Tech, Media and Telecom ETF
  • EWJ - iShares MSCI Japan Index ETF
  • EWV - Ultra Short MSCI Japan ProShares ETF
  • EZJ - Ultra MSCI Japan ProShares ETF
  • FJP - First Trust Japan Alpha Dex Fund
  • GYEN - Gartman Gold / Yen ETFs
  • FXY - Currency Shares Japanese Yen Trust ETF
  • JGBS - Power Shares DB Inverse Japanese Government Bond Futures ETN
  • JGBD - Power Shares DB 3x Inverse Japanese Government Bond Futures ETN
  • JGBT - Power Shares DB 3x Japanese Govt Bond Futures ETN
  • JGBL - Power Shares DB Japanese Govt Bond Futures ETN
  • JPP - SPDR Russell / Nomura PRIME Japan ETF
  • JSC - SPDR Russell / Nomura Small Cap Japan ETF
  • JYN - iPath JPY / USD Exchange Rate ETN
  • NKY - MAXIS Nikkei 225 Index Fund ETF
  • SCJ - iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap Index ETF
  • YCL - Ultra Yen ProShares ETF
  • YCS - UltraShort Yen ProShares ETF

So that is the current list of Japan ETFs and ETNs, but be sure to check back often as I will update it when new funds or notes are introduced or if any are delisted or redeemed.

And as with any investment, a company stock, an ETF, Index or otherwise, please make sure you thoroughly research these exchange traded funds or any financial asset before making any trades (long or short). Conduct your due diligence, watch how they react to different market conditions, take a look under the hood and see what is in the fund. And if you have any questions or concerns, make sure you consult a broker, a financial advisor, or another financial industry professional.

While ETFs have many advantages, they have many disadvantages as well (as does any investment). So it is very important to understand the investment vehicle before you trade it. But once you have a full understanding on Japanese funds, you can consider adding them to your portfolio.

And good luck with all of your trades!

Disclaimer: At the time of publication of this ETF spotlight, I do not have any open positions in the above Japan ETFs - Mark Kennedy