Intuit GoPayment Review: Small Business Mobile Payment Processing System

Mobile Payment Processing System for iPhone, Droid, and Tablets

Intuit GoPayment on iPad
Intuit Inc.

Intuit GoPayment is a mobile payment processing system from Intuit, Inc., the developers of popular small business accounting software program called QuickBooks. Inuit GoPayment allows a user to process credit card transactions from an Apple or Andriod-powered device, such as an iPhone, Droid, or tablet.

How Intuit GoPayment Works

Before processing any payments, you will need to set up a GoPayment account with Intuit, get your card reader, and download Intuit's mobile payment processing app.

According to Intuit's website, you will be able to process your customers' payments in three steps:

Step 1: You swipe or manually enter your customers' credit card information.

Step 2: You customer will then sign for the charge electronically in the app itself.

Step 3: You will receive payment.

You can visit for this and other information about GoPayment from Intuit.

Positive Features of Intuit GoPayment

  • You will not pay additional fees for the card reader and app because the costs are bundled with the rates and fees for the payment services provided by Intuit.
  • Intuit GoPayment has two pricing plans: (1) a pay-as-you-go pricing plan for low volume small business and (2) a plan with a monthly service fee for small business with higher volume. The first plan has higher transaction fees compared to the latter plan.
  • You can offer the convenience of emailing or texting receipts to your customers.
  • You can have up to 50 users accept mobile payments with Intuit GoPayment.
  • Intuit uses geolocation (or GPS) to calculate sales tax on the payments you accept. Therefore, if you use Intuit GoPayment in locations with different sales tax rates, then you do not have to manually calculate the sales tax on your customers' transactions manually.

Criticisms of Intuit GoPayment

  • Intuit GoPayment only lets you process partial refunds if you use Intuit's web interface. Otherwise, you can only issue full refunds or voids sales for the original transaction amounts.
  • Intuit GoPayment does not track cash payments.
  • Inventory items are not synced across multiple devices so you will have to use other methods to determine inventory in stock when using Intuit GoPayment.
  • Intuit GoPayment uses a tiered pricing plan for transaction processing fees that it charges. However, Intuit does not fully disclose what transaction specifically "qualify" for its lowest service charge rate and Ben Dwyer at CardFellow has stated that its fees are high, sometimes misleading, and suggests better alternatives to Intuit's plan (see "GoPayment - A Costly Mistake!").

Business that Should Consider Alternatives to Intuit GoPayment

You may want to consider other alternative to Intuit GoPayment if you run a small business with significant revenues and high volume. If this describes your business, then you will probably benefit from a traditional merchant account.

Traditional merchant accounts, including PayPal, have lower transaction fees and offer more services than Intuit GoPayment currently provides. You may also need more customer service, including on-site assistance, than Intuit will be able to provide with your Intuit GoPayment account. Intuit’s GoPayment system is primarily designed to service small businesses that just need a simple solution to process payments with a mobile device.

Small Businesses that Should Consider Intuit GoPayment

Intuit GoPayment is a good choice for your mobile payment processing system if your business has a minimal revenue stream but you still want or need to process payments with a mobile device. The pay-as-you-go pricing plan will limit the monthly expenses that you will have to pay, albeit at the cost of slightly higher transaction fees when you do process your customers' sales with Intuit GoPayment.

As mentioned, Intuit GoPayment is well suited to meet your needs.

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