Interview Questions About Long and Short Sales Cycles

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Here are sample answers for the interview question "Do you prefer a long sales cycle resulting in the sale of a large ticket item, or a shorter cycle with more frequent sales? "

Sample Answers

  • I think there are interesting points to both types of sales. I like a longer sales cycle, as it gives me time to get to know the customer, and spend time educating them about the benefits and uses of the product. Shorter cycles are more intense, since you typically don't have the luxury of too much personal knowledge of the customer, or the time for lengthy explanations. You need to hit the high priority topics rather quickly.
  • I prefer a longer sales cycle, because the pace can be adjusted depending on the individual client you are dealing with. Some clients like to have a lot of information about a product right up front, are knowledgeable, and have a lot of technical questions. Others are more interested in the personal benefits of a product, and with a longer cycle, I have the time to spend letting them know about the features that make this the right product for them.
  • I really enjoy the quicker pace of a shorter sales cycle. I like to get right to the point about my product's features and benefits, and showcase the reasons why it's the best choice for the customer. I'm knowledgeable about what I am selling, and ready with answers to any questions they may have.

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