Interview Questions About a Full-Time vs. Part-Time Job

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If you interview for a temp or part-time job, the interviewer might ask if you’d ever considered a permanent or full-time position. He or she might ask because a full-time position is opening up. The employer could also ask to see how interested you really are in working for the company. Whether you would want a full-time job or not, you should at least say you would consider it, unless you are absolutely sure you never would.

You should also speak positively about the job you are applying for, and the company.

What to Say When You're Asked About a Full-Time Job

If you know you do not want a full-time job, explain why you prefer the part-time or temp job. Keep your answer brief. Focus on what you like about the job you are applying for. Unless you know you would never want a permanent job, explain that you might be interested in a permanent job in the future.

You never know when your opinion might change, so you should always keep that door open. If you know you would like a full-time job, express your interest enthusiastically. Briefly explain why you are qualified for a full-time position.

Stay Positive

No matter what your answer is, be sure to stay positive about the job for which you are applying. Express your enthusiasm for the company and the job.

Examples of the Best Answers

Below are the best answers for if you are unsure you would want a permanent job.

  • I enjoy the flexibility of part-time work, and am excited for the chance to give my undivided attention to your company three days a week. If my schedule changes in the future and allows me the time to do my best work for you full time, I would love the opportunity for a permanent job.
  • At this moment, temp work is best for me and my family. I think I will fit in very well with your company culture, and for now, I think I can do that best in a temp position.

Below are the best answers for if you know you would want a permanent job.

  • I would love the opportunity to become a full-time employee. I am very excited at the prospect of this part-time job, but I would gladly accept a full-time position if it were ever available. I believe my organizational and time management skills would make me a very strong full-time employee.
  • I have wanted to work for your company for years because of your consistent success in the industry. I would definitely like to become a permanent employee for such a terrific organization. I am a quick learner with a passion for the work you do.