Internships with The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Opportunities Available for a Wide Range of Majors

Have you ever considered interning with the CIA? Internships within our government bring the competition to a new level. Not only are they hard to get, but they can also be time consuming and difficult to apply for. It’s imperative that you read all of the directions and apply in advance. Below is updated information about opportunities to intern with the CIA:

Internship Location and Pay

The CIA internship is located in Washington DC and pays a salary of $40,554.

WOW, I know!

Deadlines and Timing

To apply for internships with the CIA, you must apply in advance. In fact, the deadline for Summer 2017 is April 16th 2016! So you need to apply ASAP!

Materials Required

Along with filling out the application, you must attach a cover letter, an essay, and a copy of your transcripts.


CIA Interns operate within the covert arm of the CIA. They work with foreign intelligence, national security, defense, and foreign policy. This internship is no joke! The CIA encourages young people who wish to work at the CIA after college to apply. A majority of students apply during their freshman year of college for future summers.

Program Requirements:

·        U.S. citizenship. Dual U.S. citizens welcome.

·        3.0 GPA +

·        Anticipated graduation, spring 2019

·        Enrolled as full-time student

·        Interested in a career with the CIA

·        Foreign language skills are encouraged but not required

Application Information

To apply for this program, visit the official website here:

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