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About KPCB:

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) is a venture capital firm that is located in the Silicon Valley.  The Wall Street Journal called it one of the "largest and most established" venture capital firms and Dealbook said KPCB is "one of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital providers."

KPCB specializes in investments in incubation and early stage companies. Since it was founded in 1972, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has backed entrepreneurs in more than 500 ventures including AOL, Amazon, Citrix, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Electronic Arts, Google, Intuit, Juniper Networks, Sun Microsystems, Genentech, Verisign, WebMD, and many others.

  Their focus is in the distinct areas of practice – digital, green tech, and life sciences. The company has offices in Menlo Park, CA, Shanghai and Beijing, China.

The KPCB Fellows Program was rated one of the “Best Internships for 2015” by  Former Fellows participants have also said it is “one of the top internships in the world” and “an amazing program”.  Fellows get to meet some of the top designers, engineers and entrepreneurs in the industry.  The program also has fun social events like kayaking, paintballing and sailing!  Fellows are invited to attend private events held by KPCB and others hosted by portfolio companies, where they can meet other talented engineering and design students, network with celebrities in their respective fields, and get to know the San Francisco Bay Area. Events include things like a private presentation of Mary Meeker's famed Internet Trends Report, dinner with John Doerr, and a design talk with Marcos Weskamp.


The program offers exemplary college students from across the United States the opportunity to gain experience working on unique and challenging technical, design and product problems.  In addition, they are encouraged to develop new relationships that are meaningful to their careers. Over the course of a summer, KPCB Design and Engineering Fellows will work at various KPCB portfolio companies, where they will develop their technical and design skills and be mentored by key executives.

Participants will get the chance to spend a full year working at a Valley startup.  Some of the best aspects of the Fellowship are being able to work with up and coming companies, connect with other people passionate about design, engineering and business, to learn about the tech industry, and to visit companies like Twitter, Square, Flipboard, and others

The application and interview process includes reviews by a KPCB technical, design, and product committee of all of the applications submitted.  After that a small number of students will be selected for phone or Skype interviews. Semi-finalists will be selected, and KPCB portfolio companies will reach out and schedule final interviews. If an offer is made and accepted, the student will become a KPCB Fellow and will be invited to participate in all program activities.  Application deadlines vary, with the engineering application opening in the fall and the design and product applications opening in the winter.

Internship of the Week: KPCB Fellows Program

Locations: San Francisco and Menlo Park, CA

There are three variations on the KPCB Fellow Program.

The KPCB Engineering Fellows Program is open to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at U.S. universities who are studying computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics or fields related to software development.

The KPCB Design Fellows Program is open to outstanding students from any academic discipline; the summer program will focus on Visual, Interaction, or Web User Interface Design. We will also accept individuals for the Design Fellows Program who have not attended a college, but can demonstrate relevant work experience.

The KPCB Product Fellows Program is open to outstanding undergraduate or graduate students who will graduate from a U.S. university with a degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics or fields related to software development, as well as graduate students in M.B.A programs.

How to Apply:

Students are asked to submit an application on the KPCB Fellows website