Internship for Credit

Internships for Credit

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By definition, an internship should be a supervised learning experience and the training received at the internship should be similar to the training received in the classroom. Therefore, college credit is often provided to students in lieu of actual payment or sometimes, in addition to payment. College credit is commonly given to students who participate in internships. Depending on the school’s policy, students can usually get between one and six college credits after participating in an internship.

Employers often ask they can provide college credit for interns.

The decision is with the school but if the student is eligible, you should definitely help them receive the credit. A big misconception about college credit for internships is that the company has the ability to decide what is ‘for credit’ and ‘not for credit’. Technically, it’s the student’s university or college that has the ability to decide if the student is eligible to get college credit for an internship. This decision is based off school policy, the criteria of that student’s major, and whether or not the student has already participated in an internship and received college credit. Many schools limit the number of internships that students can do for college credit.

How to Get College Credit for Internships

In order to receive college credit for an internship, students have guidelines on how many hours they must participate in the internship over the course of the semester.

For example, at the University of Connecticut, students must intern 300 hours over the course of the semester to receive college credit.

Students work with either their specific major or the general campus career center to get internship credit. The specific department within their major or the career center requires the employer to fill out paperwork explaining the role of the interns at the company.

They also require 1 to 2 evaluations to be filled out regarding the student’s learnings and performance. These forms actually help employers understand how to best structure their internships.

When students take on unpaid internships, they often seek out college credit as an alternate way to get compensated for the internship. Paid interns are also eligible for college credit.

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