Internet Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Internet Marketing for Real Estate Agents
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In today's highly charged and competitive real estate markets, agents have to do more than acquire a license. They need to use all the skills and tools at their disposal. Increasingly, online tactics are coming to the fore, given that more people are using the Internet to search for their next home and evaluate real estate investments.

Increasingly, it's becoming more than having a website, an effective Facebook business page, and a mediocre real estate blog.

You need laser-sharp strategies for finding fresh leads and great sales opportunities. Now is the time to market yourself online and reap the benefits of real estate internet marketing.

1. Responsive (Mobile-friendly) Web Design

As more people view online content with mobile devices like smartphones, you must ensure that your web pages stand out on the smaller screen. Prospective houses are inherently visual and must be seen in their best light to attract prospects. Therefore, your own design must be fluid, i.e. your images and text must seamlessly transfer from traditional desktops to smaller machines.

Responsive device design will translate into more views, leads, and sales, because people will appreciate your website's accessibility from multiple devices. For example, attractive cover art can add sizzle to both your social media profile and your mobile pages.

​You'll also want to ensure that you are optimizing your email for mobile marketing and adhering to mobile email marketing best practices.

2. Keeping in Touch with the Local Market

These days, use the power of online real estate services can help you target specific markets. Both buyers (especially tech-savvy, first-time buyers) and sellers like to research prospective homes at their leisure, and will devote as many hours to their search as required.

Meet them where they spend the most time.

In a local market, people want real estate agents to produce details about demographics and neighborhood characteristics including:

  • Schools and Playgrounds
  • Shopping facilities
  • Taxation rates and evaluations
  • Housing Price Ranges
  • Property Types

3. Build Your E-mail Prospect and Buyers List

You may not convert a visitor into a house buyer overnight, but if you capture their contact information, you will have a chance to make an impression as a real estate expert over several weeks or months. E-mail real estate marketing can become an effective tool for open house invitations, monthly market updates, and offering useful tips to people in transition.

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4. Encourage Customer Reviews on High Traffic Real Estate Sites

When you successfully complete housing transactions, it's important to use the positive relationships developed to build up your reputation. In addition to keeping a profile on the best home listing networks, invite your clients to submit a review of your work. Websites like and get millions of views every month, and much of this traffic is targeted for housing professionals like you.

Turn the best reviews into testimonials for your website.

You'll want to be sure to address any negative reviews with online reputation management best practices and have a system to monitor and respond to comments on social media.

5. Use Large Attractive Cover Photos

Houses are meant to be showcased from both the inside and the outside, so use the front-end of your real estate funnel to show them in their best light. Adding a link is useful, because people can access specific details of your listed homes, or a mobile app, or an upcoming event.

Cover photos highlighting one of your best properties can be especially effective on sites like Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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6. Answer Questions on Real Estate Forums

Forums remain popular and effective meeting points for buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

Answering a few questions well can enhance your reputation and encourage people to visit your social media profiles elsewhere. Eventually, they may even want to meet with you personally. 

Discipline yourself to use thirty (30) minutes daily (at most) to answer good questions and engage with potential clients. 

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Real estate success does not demand that you become a computer expert per se. However, using the online tools at your disposal can give you the edge versus both local and national competition.  Following the above advice will raise your profile and attract a more serious, affluent clientele.