3 Proven Ways to Market Your Business on the Internet

Instagram, social media, big data and mobile marketing to cell phones... these are the marketing channels that grab the headlines these days. And it’s so tempting to think that these are the only channels that are effective in getting your message out in the world and seen by potential customers.

But slow down.

While I always advocate testing new marketing methods, there are plenty of so-called “old school” online marketing strategies that are still very effective. They are cheap and easy to use. And they are ideal for building your email list and your business using direct response marketing.

A caveat. Remember that none of these marketing channels or any others out there should be used alone.

A good marketing mix is essential to the success of your business – you might even throw in one of the hot marketing channels like social media in your recipe. Which strategies you use depends on what engages your audience and makes them take action. Try different approaches to figure out what works.

Email Marketing

email marketing
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The very first sales email was sent in 1978 to sell computers to users of Arpanet, the forerunner of the Internet. The mailing made $13 million!

It’s no surprise that since then, as the Internet and e-commerce took off in the 1990s, email was right there. So-called experts have been saying “email marketing is dead” for years. But the truth is it’s still a very viable channel. A study from Mailigen found that for 89% of marketers, email is their primary lead generation tool. And according to a recent report 61% of consumers like to receive advertising emails on a weekly basis – 28% would like to receive them more frequently.

And here’s the kicker: for every $1 that is spent with email marketing, the average return is $44.25, says Email Expert. That’s a huge return on investment!

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Email has kept up with the times. Customer Relationship Management systems like InfusionSoft allow you automate many parts of your email marketing. You can have long sequences of emails that warm up your prospects and then eventually compel them to take action. There’s really no better way to set up your email marketing once and let it run on autopilot to grow your list and sales.

Ways to use email:

Best practices:

  • Copy is very important. You have to grab their attention and compel them to open your email with enticing subject lines. Then your email has to include well-crafted copy that engages the prospect and causes them to click through.
  • Industry watcher Litmus says that in 2015 people 55% of email opens were on mobile. So the format and size of your message should fit the smaller screen.
  • Provide a clear call to action. If you want the prospect to buy something or read something on your website or blog… make sure they know where to click.

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Display Advertising (Banner Advertising)

banner advertising
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Banners – those big, bright ads splashed across web pages – used to be the meat and potatoes of online marketing in the early days of the web. The novelty of the internet and online shopping meant pioneering internet marketers didn’t have to do much to get those clicks and resulting sales.

Of course, display ads are still around and growing. Emarketer estimates that spending on display ads will reach $37.36 billion by 2017 compared to $27.05 billion in 2015.

These days there are more display ad networks – and more websites and blogs to show them on – than ever. Like other “old school” marketing channels, displays ads have “grown up.” And these new networks are very sophisticated. Your campaigns can be customized and dialed into specific demographics so that your ads only appear in front of relevant prospects.

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For example, if you are in the organic gardening niche, you want people with a so-called green thumb seeing your ads, or those into organic foods. Or if you are targeting older women who live in south Florida – you can do that, too. By laser-targeting your audience, they will be more likely to click and take action. And that means you spend less on your display advertising and get better results – that’s a great ROI.

There are many, many display ad networks out there. Google AdWords and AdSense, of course, are some of the big daddies. As one of the most heavily visited sites by users around the globe, YouTube is huge right now. You also have Advertising.com, which places ads on thousands of websites. For targeting niche audience, BlogAds allows you to put your ads on very select blogs, from mommy bloggers to conservative politicos and everything in between. This is just scratching the service – there are hundreds of display ad networks out there.

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Ways to use display ads:

Best practices:

  • Make sure to include an eye-catching headline and an attention grabbing visual image if the ad network allows images.
  • Your ad should have a clear call to action and click to a landing page… not your full website.
  • Use the tools provided by the ad network to dial in your ad so it’s shown to your specific audience.
  • Track results so you know what works and what doesn’t as far as copy, offer, image, or the effectiveness of the ad network you advertised on.

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Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization
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Quick question. When you need information about a topic… or are trying to solve a problem… what do you do?

You go to a search engine (most likely Google) and type in your query. A long list of relevant web pages pops up. How did they get there? Search engine optimization, or SEO.

In a nutshell, that’s why this marketing tactic is still going very strong. According to imFORZA, search engine traffic is still the number one driver of traffic to content sites. And leads from SEO have a 14.6% close rate – that’s huge!

Every time someone goes to Google to solve a problem they have or find something they want or need … your online business could be right there waiting for them with the solution.

To get the best SEO results, you must use “content marketing” to consistently and regularly posting relevant information to your site and blog. Google (which owns more than 70% of the global search engine market, according to trade journal Digital Marketing) has also let slip that social media efforts have an affect on your SEO – all the more reason to coordinate your various marketing channels.

The “organic” traffic is very valuable. Customers who come in from Google searches are more likely to buy and have a higher lifetime value (measured as how much they buy, on average, while they are your customer).

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Ways to use SEO:

Best practices:

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Putting It All Together

Proven Way to Market on the Internet
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There you have it. So-called old school marketing channels that are still going strong in the age of mobile and social media. As you’ve seen, they have adapted to the times and that’s what keeps them relevant.

For your online business, you should definitely consider making them part of your marketing campaigns. Remember that one strategy alone might not make an impact. You should test until you find the combination of channels that resonates with your audience.

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