Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Jobs

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employs over 100,000 employees in over 40 cities nationwide.  The IRS does much more than process tax returns.  The IRS mission includes educating taxpayers, incorporating changing tax policy into collection vehicles, advising government bodies, conducting investigations and hearings, and assigning penalties to violators. 

Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Employment Information

Internal Revenue Services (IRS) employment information including full-time professional and career opportunities and seasonal / temporary IRS jobs is supplied through their employment site.

Information on benefits, training, and recruiting events is also available.

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Popular Jobs

The most popular job titles for IRS positions include:

  • Appeals Officer (Job Series 0930)
  • Artificial Intelligence Analyst
  • Attorney (Job Series 0905)
  • Computer Research Analyst (Job Series 0301)
  • Computer Specialist/Information Technology Specialist (Job Series 2210)
  • Contact Representative (Job Series 0962)
  • Engineer (Job Series 0801)
  • Human Resources Specialist (Job Series 0201)
  • Internal Revenue Agent (Job Series 0512)
  • Internal Revenue Officer (Job Series 1169)
  • Mathematical Statistician (Job Series 1529)
  • Operations Research Analyst (Job Series 1515)
  • Policy Analyst (Job Series 0301 & 0343)
  • Program Analyst (Job Series 0343)
  • Program Evaluation and Risk Analyst (Job Series 0301)
  • Special Agent (Job Series 1811)
  • Statistician (Job Series 1530)
  • Tax Compliance Officer (Job Series 0526)
  • Tax Examiner (Job Series 0592)
  • Tax Law Specialist (Job Series 0987)
  • Tax Specialist (Job Series 0526)
  • Executive Officer (Job Series 0301)

IRS Career Options

IRS career opportunities are available with the following IRS functional teams:

  • Administrative and Clerical
  • Accounting, Budget, and Finance
  • Business and Tax Enforcement
  • Executive and Management
  • Human Resources, EEO, and Public Affairs
  • Information Technology
  • Law Enforcement and Investigation
  • Office of Chief Counsel
  • Research and Analysis
  • Tax Law Specialist
  • Tax Advocacy Service
  • Opportunity Areas

IRS Seasonal / Temporary Jobs

Interested in a tax season or other seasonal job with the IRS? Service Center positions are available for Data Transcribers, Clerks, Tax Examiners and Contact Representatives. Many of these positions offer paid training and benefits. 

How to Apply for IRS Jobs

Information on how to apply for IRS jobs, including IRS Vacancy Announcements, online applications, and applying using CareerConnector or USAJobs.

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