Insurance Company Reviews

Check out our profiles and reviews of the biggest insurance companies for critical information like financial strength, customer satisfaction level, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you choose an insurance company?

    When considering an insurance company, look at how strong it is financially, its reviews and customer service rankings, and, if possible, how many complaints it receives. Also make sure the company offers the types of insurance coverage you need and has the features you want, like an easy-to-use mobile insurance app.

  • Is insurance cheaper if you bundle?

    Bundling policies is when you carry more than one policy, such as your auto and home insurance, with the same company. Many insurers offer discounts if you keep all your policies under one roof, but whether it's cheaper depends on the discount offered plus how good your rate is to begin with. Before bundling, shop around to make sure you're getting the best overall rate.

  • What does it mean to have an "A" rating for an insurance company?

    An A-rated insurance company is one that's considered highly likely to repay creditors and pay valid claims made by those it insures. Several credit rating agencies issue letter grades to insurance carriers, which allow consumers to easily compare their relative financial strengths. The scales vary slightly, but generally range from AAA to D, with AAA being the best.

  • What Do AM Best Insurance Ratings Mean?

    AM Best insurance ratings provide policyholders a way to verify the financial strength of insurance companies. The agency gathers comprehensive information about insurance companies and distills it into a simple letter grade, from A to D. It is, in a sense, your insurance company's report card. You can use this information to help you make an educated buying decision for your insurance needs.

  • Why is insurance needed?

    Accidents and disasters can and do happen, and if you don't have enough cash to handle them, you could face financial struggles and setbacks. Insurance is one way to protect your life, your health, your family, your ability to earn an income, and to keep a roof over your head when things go wrong.

  • How do you cancel a car insurance policy?

    If you're interested in changing insurers, you'll need to cancel your old car insurance policy once the new one goes into effect. Contact the insurance company for the proper way to cancel to avoid potential penalties, a lapse in coverage, and paying on a policy you no longer need.

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