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Overview / Mission

Naval Base Coronado Command
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Naval Base Coronado is a single Navy command made up of several local Naval Bases and Training Centers creating a consortium of eight Navy installations:

In 1997, Naval Base Coronado was created.  It now incorporates eight separate Naval installations under one Commanding Officer. Those facilities include: Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI); Naval Amphibious Base Coronado (NAB); Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach (OLFIB); Naval Auxiliary Landing Field San Clemente Island (SCI); Silver Strand Training Complex (SSTC), formerly known as the Naval Radio Receiving Facility; Mountain Warfare Training Facility La Posta (MWTF); Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Facility, Warner Springs (SERE) and Camp Morena, La Posta.

More than 36,000 military and civilians are employed by this major command.  


In order to support the Fleet, Fighter and Family, our goal is to provide the highest quality base operating support and quality of life services to U.S. Navy operating forces and other assigned and visiting activities. We seek to provide the right support, at the right time, in the right amount, enabling operating forces to produce the right level of combat readiness.


To serve as the Navy's "West Coast Quarterdeck" by directing and delivering base operating support programs and services that exceed customer expectations and contribute to the operational readiness of both ashore and afloat commands at Naval Base Coronado.

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Base Information

Naval Base Coronado located northwest of the City of Coronado. If flying into the area, you will fly into the San Diego International Airport / Lindbergh Field (SAN). The airport is located three miles northwest of downtown San Diego and approximately 9 miles from Naval Base Coronado (NBC).

The base considered the Coronado base is the Naval Amphibious Base (NAB), NAB has been a Coronado fixture since 1943.  The base is mainly landfill and was created from the dredging of San Diego Bay done to allow large ships used in World War II to steam into Naval Station San Diego. It is the only Naval amphibious base on the West Coast.

NAB is the home to over 30 tenant commands with a population of approximately 5,000 personnel, including major commands such as Commander, Naval Surface Force Pacific (COMNAVSURFPAC), Commander Naval Special Warfare (SPECWAR) Command,  and the Commander Expeditionary Warfare Training Group (EWTG) Pacific. NAB is also the home of Naval Special Warfare Group ONE as well as the Navy's West Coast Sea-Air-Land (SEAL) Team.

Population/Major Units Assigned

NAB Coronado
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Naval Amphibious Base Coronado (NAB Coronado) is a major Navy shore command, and is the West Coast focal point for special and expeditionary warfare training and operations. 

These eight facilities encompass more than 57,000 acres and make NBC the largest command in the southwest region of the U.S.

Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado(NASNI)

Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado (NAB)

Naval Outlying Landing Field, Imperial Beach (NOLF IB)

Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, San Clemente Island (NALF SCI) 

Silver Strand Training Complex, Coronado (SSTC) 

Camp Michael Monsoor Mountain Warfare Training Center, La Posta 

Camp Morena, La Posta 

Remote Training Site, Warner Springs (RTSWS).  

NAB Coronado is the home to over 30 tenant commands, including major commands such as Commander, Naval Surface Force Pacific (COMNAVSURFPAC), Commander Naval Special Warfare (SPECWAR) Command and the Commander Expeditionary Warfare Training Group (EWTG) Pacific.The student population is 7,000 military students, reservists, and transients.  NAB is also the home of the West Coast Navy's Sea-Air-Land (SEAL) Teams.

Visiting and Living in Coronado

Military training in Coronado area
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Life in and around Coronado offers a yearly nice climate for a variety of outdoor activities from endless beaches, sunset events, seaside restaurants, as well as desert and mountainous regions West of San Diego.  From San Diego to Los Angeles there are countless locations to enjoy during your off-duty time.  More ideas can be found at the Navy / Sand Diego page.  If you are visiting and moving permanently to Coronado area consider the following details:

Temporary Lodging

When the Navy Lodge is not available reservations can be made at the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites. Eligibility includes Military, DoD Civilians, or Family Members on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. Reservations and assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis without regard to rate or rank.  Length of stay depends on the availability. Contact the Navy or Marine Corps Lodge for more information at 1-800-NAVY-INN.  There are three Lodges in San Diego: Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Coronado (North Island), and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (MCAS).

There are four Navy Gateway Inns & Suites: Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Coronado (North Island), Naval Base Coronado (Amphibious Base), and Naval Base Point Loma (Subase). 


There are over 33,000 military families in the San Diego area. Approximately 25% of these families are housed in government quarters.  All officers and enlisted personnel with accompanying dependents are eligible to apply for Military Family Housing (MFH). MFH is limited and must be applied for at the Assignment/Referral Office, located at Naval Base San Diego. 

Naval Base San Diego offers barracks and privatized housing to qualified single service members. It is the responsibility of the service member to check into the Billeting Office for room assignment.


There are no DoD Schools in the San Diego Area. In all, San Diego County has 42 independent school districts, according to the San Diego County Office of Education.

San Diego City schools operate a system of neighborhood schools, with all children eligible to attend the school serving their residential address unless the school is severely overcrowded. In overcrowded schools, the district assigns new students to a school with space and provides free transportation.

Contact with an individual school district is the best way to learn about school calendars, facilities, curriculum, graduation requirements, extracurricular activities and other areas that differ from district to district. 

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Child Care

All active duty military personnel, DOD civilians, contractor employee working in the Navy Region Southwest, reservists on active duty or in training (with orders) are eligible. They will assist families enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program. Priority care may given to Dual Active Duty families, Single Parent and members on Individual Augmentee (IA) assignment.

The Child Development Home (CDH) Program is offered for care provided by private individuals in their government or civilian housing unit. Providers can be active duty family members or civilian.Care is for children on a regular basis, full-time or part-time, for more than 10 hours per week. Maximum number of children is limited to six, including the provider's own who are under 8 years old. Contact CDH for more information on drop-in care.

School Age Care (SAC) Program Programs offer before/after school care as well as day camps.

Medical and Dental

Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) is the most technologically advanced Navy medical treatment facility. There are almost half a million people in San Diego County eligible to receive care at the Naval Medical Center. This care is provided by a military and civilian staff of more then 6,000.

The Branch Medical Clinic North Island NAS is located on Naval Base Coronado, Bldg. 601. The clinic provides care to active duty members, retirees and dependents. 

Branch Dental Clinic Coronado is collocated with the Branch Medical Clinic in Building 506 within two blocks of the main gate. Branch Dental Clinic NAB provides a full range of dental services to our eligible beneficiaries with the exceptions of orthodontics and oral surgery. Referrals for specialty care are provided as needed to NAS North Island and BDC Naval Station.