U.S. Military Installation Overview - Moron Air Base, Spain

Overview / Mission

U.S. Aircraft At Moron , Spain Airbase
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Due to increasing conflicts in Northern Africa, Spain has agreed for the U.S. Air Base Morón to be a permanent fixture for the foreseeable future.  Spain agreed to at least 3,000 troops and an increase of 40 aircraft to be stationed at the Southern Spain military installation.  Already the U.S. military personnel stationed at the base have been used to respond to crises in Africa as well as humanitarian needs of the Northern African refugees fleeing war-torn countries.

The mission of Morón Air Base is to operate and maintain a strategic forward operating base to support the US and Allied air/space power projection, to include transient and aircraft maintenance operations. The installation hosts Air Mobility Command, Air Force Space Command and Air Force Office of Special Investigations units. 

About Moron Air Base, Spain

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Morón Air Base, Spain, is located in Andalusia, the country's southernmost region. It is less than an hour away from Seville, a city of almost one million people famous for its flamenco shows, spring festivals, and bullfights. Moron is also and 75 miles northeast of Naval Station Rota. The installation is located in a quiet and rural setting within several hours of many major historical and tourist locations in Spain. Families enjoy the mild weather and the proximity to beautiful beaches and picturesque hilltop towns. The local cost-of-living is within a comfortable mid-range.

The base gets its name from the town of Morón de la Frontera situated nearby.

The base has proven its strategic importance as it served as the main tanker base for KC-10A and KC-135R aircraft supporting operations over Libya. The U.S. Marine Corps deploys a unit for a standby emergent, the rapid reaction force to the base in support of U.S. Africa Command. This unit was outfitted with Bell Boeing MV-22B Ospreys and Lockheed Martin KC-130J aerial refueling / cargo aircraft.

Population / Major Units Assigned

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Moron Air Base began as a B-47 base, has since been a U.S. Air Forces Europe staging base and now is home to the C-5 Air Bridge and 496th Air Base Squadron.

Up to 3,000 American troops and civilians of the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force - Crisis Response - Africa can be stationed there, while the number of aircraft limited to 40 after a recent 2015 agreement between the U.S and the Spanish Government.

Presently the base hosts:

  • 496th Air Base Squadron, USAF (under the 86th Airlift Wing )
  • Wing 11 of the Spanish Air Force
  • 221 Escuadrón, Spanish Air Force
  • USMC SPMAGTF – Crisis Response – Africa in support of AFRICOM

Visiting / Living at Moron Air Base

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Visiting or permanently stationed in rural Southern Spain has its advantage and disadvantages.  You will also be close to beautiful architecture, historic districts, and not far from Spanish beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. Moron Air Base is a rather small base with not many amenities in a rural area of Spain.  If you like the small town, rural living then that is another advantage for you.  Regardless, you will be less than an hour drive from many urban areas and a short train ride to some of the biggest tourist spots in Europe.

Temporary Lodging

The Hotel Frontera is a new state of the art facility with 50 Unit Visiting Quarters (VQ) complemented with Business Suites, Visiting Airman Quarter (VAQ) and Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF).


There are limited on-base units at Moron Air Base. When you arrive at Morón AFB, you must visit the HMO. This visit is necessary to obtain housing, verify your eligibility for Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA), and receive counseling and guidance before entering into any written lease or rental/sales contract for housing. 


The Sevilla Elementary /Middle School is comprised of students from Kindergarten through eighth grade, dedicated faculty/staff members, and parent volunteers stationed at the Morón Air Base.

Child Care

Morón Air Base has very limited child and youth care services. If you are a single parent or dual military with small children, you may need to re-evaluate your volunteer status for this assignment and/or accompanied status.

Medical Care

Morón Air Base has a medical aid station on base that provides limited support to military members only. The Independent Duty Medical Technicians provide liaison support for the military member to facilitate appointments through the Naval Station Rota Clinic or TRICARE International SOS providers.